Your XTZ estimated price

labeoTairovo I’m as frustrated as you are.
In fact I was little sacarstic towards the blind followers. Look at drake he is ready to kill himself if Tezos team asked him to jump outside the window from the tallest building. LOL

I’m afraid that there is no way to sell Tezzies at this stage. There is no tokens since no platform.
Last update, they were still looking for experts…

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This is sad. And all these people on this site are optimists. They don’t like posts like this one. They are ready to be served with another promise. Sad… and bad. Keep alive buddy, Our money is frozen for an unknown period of time. We could have been much better by NOT investing in Tezos. Should we stay with Bitcoin - we could have earned much more. This is what I think. I don’t like their lie. I thought I have invested in a mature project, which needs a final push. It turned out we all have invested in some amateur team which has no idea what to do now with all these money and with no clear vision about when they gonna hit the market.


You guys need a shoulder to cry on poor babies. :sob:

drake, I guess we all will be crying when if Tezos will hit exchanges in about a half year from now and all of the sudden we realize that Tezos price not even close to ICO price in terms of BTC )). This is gonna be fun !!! In mid 2018 BTC may cost about 30k already - 15 times more than ICO price ))) Are you still laughing? I

Holy shit man, maybe you should just end the madness now - go get a gun or a rope! Seriously, get a grip and relax.
Btw I think btc is more likely to be $3k in 2018 - $30k are you kidding me?

drake, can I ask a question not related to this hot discussion: is it really possible to short sell Tezos on Bitmex - do they allow that?

If you are asking me whether you can short sell your ico coins of course not, Tezos coins don’t exist yet. You can buy a short on Bitmex though, do some research on futures and read their faq.

No, of course I know that I can’t sell my Tezos now, but if they allow short sells it gives an interesting hedging opportunity. Sure, will investigate myself (thought you tried to do that already).

Talking about prices, what’s up with that?
Bitmex exchange (which is what uses) has xtz traded futures at 0.0007 BTC

while HitBTC (which is what coinmarketcap references) is trading xtz futures at about half that: 0.00046 BTC

I would have thought buyers would go to the cheaper place and the 2 prices would eventually matches, but that difference has been going on for 3+ days.

The Futures market is predicting the price at the end of December, the hitbtc market is just trading ious with no settlement date.

I see. So bitmex is the one betting on the price at the end of dec, while hitbtc is trading IOUs. Interesting.

so what happens with the bitmex futures now that we know it wont go live until well after december?

They will dump to ico price of 20k sats, which is the price it reverts to if it doesn’t launch by the settlement date is my guess. More intersting to me is what happens with the IOU market.

New update

"Our current best estimate for shipping the main net is now February of 2018, though the firm date remains “when it’s ready”
At this time BTC could reach 10k$. Almost 5 times the price it was at ICO. Definitely a loss for all investors.
Corruption, poor communication, no team of experts recruited yet, significant and unjustified delay, … What a mess!
Next ? The project collapses?

The delay is justified given the circumstances. No one could have predicted one of the board members would act in such a way. This will blow over, get your cheap IOUs while you can.

Things are getting very ugly

Ahahah !
They can a do a class action but ICO did not issues securities. Everybody was giving a “contribution”.

Everybody wants to make cash very quick as with other ICO.

Assuming Tezos launches in February what are people’s thoughts on what the price will do?

They just want to make money. Think twice before pursue any action.