Your XTZ estimated price


What are your predictions for XTZ

  • ICO price at launch
  • <2$ price at launch
  • Around 5$ price at launch
  • <2$ after 3 months
  • <5$ after 3 months
  • above 5$ after 3 months
  • <5$ after 1 year
  • <10$ after 1 year
  • above 10$ after 1 year
  • <10$ after 3 years
  • <25$ after 3 years
  • above 25$ after 3 years

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these are always fun. well actually trying to pick what I think will happen from your options is a bit tough. I think looking at the poll results is whats fun


Let’s bring more voters into this.


Where is the option 150$ after 1 year?


How can it be realistic @ 150$ within a year? Please explain.
150$ means market cap will be x375 times.
In other words 375 x 230mil = 86,250,000,000 !

By default it falls under the >above 10$


While I don’t think it’s realistic, here are two ways it might happen.

  1. Current crypto market cap is around $150B. If multiple independent Tezos development teams rapidly integrate most of the desirable features from existing currencies through self amendment while avoiding the common pitfalls that come along with those features, it could possibly capture more than half that market. We’ve already seen Ethereum almost reach 50%.

  2. Market Cap of crypto gets to be 10% of gold ($7 Trillion), and Tezos grabs 12.5% of that ($700B x 0.125 = $87.5B)

Again, it’s wishful thinking, but certainly within the realm of possibility.


I would be extremely happy that it reaches so high.
However I would also be satisfied to get 15$ per XTZ during the first year.
3 digits value is much more difficult unless there is a huge hype or a serious game changer during the evolution of the cryptocurrency market.


$15USD ??

wow. I would be absolutely phenomenally ECSTATIC if it reached that at during first year. trying to wipe the rictus off my face would be like trying to herd cats.


start prise 5$~10$ gogogogogooggogo


What would be the realistic timeline to reach 15$?


I think $15 in 3 years is realistic.

@Tezzigator I too would be xtzatic if Tezos hit 15$ in one year. BTW how you herd cats… Pick the male alpha from a litter. Raise him with much love and affection after he’s weened from his mother. He will follow you and the rest of the cats will follow him :wink:


I think Ben’s scenario #2 isn’t that unlikely.


The dollar is weak :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Hello,Yes ,If ethereum up ,then some down.If down? tezos will more chance .Anyway ,the secure question of ethereum had not done with .TEZOS have more chance to make more optimistic imagination.


What happened to the poll??


My prediction is, it will rise higher than what I bought it for ( and that’s a few K ) and that will be fine with me. If it rises too high then I’ll have to retire and spend the rest of my time on the computer looking at all the fiat I have and how to spend it. Lol
P.S. I tend not to count my chickens.


Tezos price in dollars is irrelevant. When we bought it during the ICO, the BTC was around 2k or something. Now BTC is around 6k. Means in order to justify your investment in Tezos, the price should be three times higher if compared with ICO price.
But Tezos Foundation does not understand that and still feeding poor investor with promises. We don’t need promises. We need tezos hit exchanges as soon as possible.
Dear Tezos team, if you were unable to develop anything till that moment ( three months since ICO ) - then you just fooled everybody when saying that Tezos was under development for three years prior to ICO.
It looks like you’ve just started. Shame on you !


Typical fanboy reply:

  • if you are not happy sell your Tezzies
  • the delay is normal because they are working hard to produce a default free platform.

In fact the release of the platform is not happening this year and I can tell you that there could be even further delay up to mid 2018 if not more.

But hey 230 mil$ + free BTCC was maybe not enough …


depassage298 If you are so sure about this why don’t you short the futures mkt on Bitmex? Or would putting money on your statements of fact be a problem?


drake, I know because I asked them on Facebook and they replied that there will be monthS of delay.