XTZ Price Prediction


Any price prediction for our beloved Tezzies in the coming months? So happy I have recovered all my XTZ bought during the ICO last year.

Hoping for XTZ to climb up to the Top 10… Aja… Aja!


Some reasonable optimism:

  • We are similar in philosophy and design to Cardano, and their actual blockchain is basically vaporware at this point (centralized, no staking, entire blocks with 0 transactions), so on merit of tech we should be able to at least catch up to them in relative market cap (3x multiplier from today).

  • Maybe the crypto market in general sees another bull run. Could see a 3-4x pump, say, to just reach previous ATH. This is pure speculation though and it could easily go the other way.

  • Need some time for mainnet and exchanges and some of this FUD with lawsuits to die down. Winklevoss investing in xtz is a nice predictor that we might get on Gemini sooner rather than later.

So it’s not out of the question that we go up an order of magnitude to $10-$20 in the not so distant future. There’s no reason to believe that it actually will, but the above is well in the realm of possibility.