XTZ doesn't appear as top market cap on Top Coin Fund or Coin Market Cap


What does everyone think about XTZ futures not appearing on lists of top coins by market cap? e.g. Top Coin Fund or coinmarketcap.com (maybe they use the same data)

I understand that XTZ in earnest is not available yet, but there is a vibrant futures market on HitBTC, and if you were to estimate a market cap from the futures, it would be $2-4B ($4-8 x $232M / ~$0.40), easily putting the coin in the top 20.

I think it should be represented in some way. While it’s not honest to truly count it as a top coin (yet), it’s also not honest to hide it completely from these lists.


Coinmarketcap can’t rank it on the listing because they don’t know the supply, its an IOU market not a futures market, even if they did know the supply of the IOU’s being traded I imagine it would be rather low.


Good point @luke. With HITBTC, you are dealing with a capped volume proxy of demand. In fact is very similar to $GBTC. A proxy for the underlying asset, but not priced at true asset value. Once the main net goes live, we will have a price, and I will wager that it will show up on Top Coin Fund shortly thereafter.