Wrong public key hash displaying when integrity check


Hello everyone. I have encountered a problem while trying to restore the Tezbox wallet from the fundraiser wallet. If anyone has had a smiliar problem or know how to solve it I could really use your help. I don´t know where to go from here…

When I introduce all info required: Seed, email, password and key hash (verification process completed) the system prompts this message: “fundraiser details don´t seem to match”. I´m copy pasting seed and public key, password and email introduced manually many times. I know the password is the right one since i wrote it down in a word document I´ve kept in a safe place when I created it, but is not working. So I went to check the fundraiser details on the tezos wallet checker tool. When I introduce the seed, password and email it says “you are good to go” in a green box, but the public key it displays is different that my public key. The one I have in the pdf file and the one which with I can see my contribution during ICO.

I have checked many times email and password and they are the ones I used. The rest of the info comes from the pdf but is not working. Anyone have an idea of waht is going on and how to fix it?



I was able to restore de Tezbox wallet with the key hash displayed by the password checker (which is not the one I have in the pdf file) when I introduced my email and password, but the balance for that ccount is 0.00. can anyone tell me what what can I do to fix this?


Hey RamFreak, there are some pretty knowledgeable (and helpful) folks here: https://riot.im/app/#/room/#tezos:matrix.org