Would you like Tezos to be distributed rightly among generations?


Would you like Tezos to be distributed rightly among generations?

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This is a call to all tezos members, and especially the new ones.
All tezos coin have been distributed right now.
This means that the generation of 2017-2018 owns all the tezos wealth.
Is this the digital coin of the future?
What the generation of 2074 will think about the greed (or stupidity) of the 2017-2018 generation?
Arent you ashamed of being part of such a greedy generation?

New members of the Tezos community should never accept this imposed assymetry over time.
Tezos coins should be distributed fairly among generations.

Lets be part of the digital cash of the future, and not part of the digital cash of 2017-2018.
Join the movement, Join justice, support the basic income for every newborn Tezos member.
For the future generations to welcome us and not curse upon us.
Lets form a proposal, and lets implement the appropriate changes .

ICO now a big no no in China,what's the impact on tezos?

One of the great things about Tezos is that the core logic of how it operates, the protocol, is controlled byt the tezos holders (those that stake their tez). Creating more tez. Locking those up in smart contracts to be claimed by future generations. Managing the rate of inflation. etc. All those are controllable over time by the members of the Commonwealth.

@demo your job is to be developer-politician. Build great things and convince the community of the wisdom of adopting them. Good luck!


Yet those who stake tezos are (and they will probably always be) an initialized majority , they will always be the generation of 2017-2018, their descendants, heirs and friends. And this creates an assymetry over time, which may or may not be fixed (as you correctly say). But , knowing the human nature, the posibility is it will not be fixed, because greed always prevails. Future generations will understand the greed of this generation, and they will probably hard fork tezos, the same way they forked ethereum or bitcoin today.

There are cryptos which are trying to solve this space-time assymetry, for example duniter. I hope that tezos holders will have a closer look at it, and they will understand the value of the time-space symmetry of the money distribution.

Furthermore, there is also another fundumental problem with tezos, and this is the proof of individuality. Tezos will be succesfull only if it manages to compete the current worldwide monetary system. The holders of the currenct worldwide monetary system have huge power , and they may buy tezos in order to stop its governance, and lead it to decline. Thats why the tezos community should know the holders and the way they decide. Not their real name of course, but the way they vote and decide through time. And this can be achieved only if a proof of individuality is implemented in tezos. that will associate unique individuals with the number of tezos they hold and the way they vote.

Because no matter how many tezos you own , you may still vote in favor of yourself and against the community. And of course what it counts is not the number of tezos you own, but how much your whole fortune is. If tezos competes euro and your fortune is 99% euro and 1% tezos, you have no incetive to take good decisions for tezos, even if you hold 51% of the whole tezos. This is the case of the states, they hold 100% of the euro, and if tezos prevails and destroys euro they will hold only the number of tezos they buyed (for ex. 51%). And this is against their interests. So state agents will try to buy tezos in order to boycott it and decide against the common good of the tezos community. Thats why a proof of individuality is needed, in order to spot the agents. And then the community of the individuals may decide to diminuish their voting power, no matter how many tezos they hold.


Hopefully those agents will be in the minority.


You must have voted for Bernie

I’m a “capitalist pig” so can proudly say I have no shame.

The generation of 2074 will have amazing new opportunities (flying cars? track of lots on the moon?)
Just like the generation of the 20s had great opportunities with the bunch of new car companies and radios coming, and planes. Every generations has its opportunities and risk. There was/still is a risk in investing in anything.


You shouldnt rely on hope. State agents have a lot of money, and if they decide to destroy something, they can crash almost everything. You should prepare your defence, from the very beginning. And the defence can be only this: the proof of individuality, and the ability of the community to diminuish the voting rights of whoever individual votes in favor of himself and against the common good.

Here is an implementation proposal of a proof of individuality scheme (that protects the individual’s anonymity at the same time). I have not enough money, but I would like to run a bugcrowd campaign in order for people to discover flaws in my proposition. Until now nobody has discover a flaw, their only arguments aigainst it are similar to “it is a matter of taste, of human education, of psychology, of organization e.t.c.”. But taste, education, psychology or organization can change. You are welcome to discover potential flaws of my proposal , here or in dashtalk forum.



As long as you are a “capitalist pig”, this is one more reason for you to take into account the future generations and not to ruthlessly confront them. If you decide to confront them then the future generations will hard-fork tezos, and your money will become tottaly obsolete. This may or may not affect you personally, but it will surely affect your descedants, heirs and friends who will hold your money after your death. Because money is above all a matter of faith, and the digital currency is 100% faith.

Have a look of what happened to the kings and queens, and what was their fate because the ignored the future generations. Whatever happened to them. even worst things will happen to the plutocrats. Because the digital money is not like the gold of old times. it is much more flexible as a virtual object and relies almost exclusively in faith.


Inequality will always exist in the world, all we want to make sure is that no one can take over wealth from others via force (governments or thugs) (read “The Creature from Jekyll Island”).
I suggest you grow your amygdala.


that word you used. thats a problem. how to define that? also keep in mind that at the beginning, nearly 100% of BTC was in VERY few hands. its success has helped its distribution. hopefully we will see the same with Tezos.


Agree Tezzigator.
Demo makes no mention of how these additional diluted coins (at the expenses of current holders) would be distributed. The initial investment was done with Bitcoin, so didn’t come free. Second, the risk is different. In 20 or 50 years from now, if Tezos (hopefully the case) is still around, its resilience would imply a very low investment risk compared to the one all of us did during the fundraising had to face with. None of these factors were taken into account in this initial post.


I have already answered to that question. No need to repeat it. Read here what “rightly” may be:

more specific, read here:


i guess i dont get it. i dont believe you can reconcile any social just warrior movement with a crypto-anarchist one. but thats just me.


Please read it, and try to understand it, before you make your final decision.


If you cannot understand the math, then try this:


Inflation (dilution) is extortion. It is forcing people to give away a part of their wealth whether you like it or not.
(Note: tezos is an exception as we have discussed as it is in a cost of supporting the network. Similar to the cost of storing your gold by a security firm)

Go ahead, make as many hard fork as you want in the goal to steal away from us “capitalist pigs”. Create your socialist-coins out of a Bitcoin fork or any other coin you’d like. Transfer all these large sums of Bitcoin held by a few bitcoin address in any way you’d like. See how many people are interested in this and how much traction you will get. That’s the beauty of a free market, the socialist can you do their own experiment if they want. Except they know it will fail unless they combine this with the use of force. History has demonstrated over and over that societies that penalize success end up in shit.


The capitalists are using force in order to enforce everyone to user their currency as a medium of exchange. This is the truth, and I wonder, how is it even possible for you to claim that they dont use force?

But there are opposite forces. The forces that want a free internet. (like this one that I hope they will be able to evolve into an opposite force.) If the opposite forces win, and if the free internet will become reality one day, then it will be impossible for the capitalists to enforce their own version of digital currency. The digital currency that day will rely on pure faith, and nobody will be able to force people to use the money the plutocrats and the capitalists want. That day will be the end of plutocrats and capitalists. Everything depends on free internet. And this is the reason why the free internet is being so severlily attacked nowdays, by the capitalists of course, who else? They are spending millions of billions of their money in order to establish the big brother who is watching every one and everything that is running into the net.

The capitalists and the plutocrats are strongly related to the use of force, they cannot exist otherwise.


And socialism does not use Force? What about the millions and millions and millions of people that socialism is killed over the past 100 years???


Please educate me, in how they do this? (Remember, I’m talking a free market economy)
Capitalist in a free market means anyone choose to accept anything they want.


Of course they do. The socialists killed people the last 100 years. The capitalists are killing people from the beginning of human history.


There is no free market in the real world. Free market is an utopia. How is it possible to have a free market, when you are forced to use as a medium of exchange a money that is defined, coined or printed by the plutocrats?

In reality the market is always protected and dominated by the plutocrats, who are using fierce force in order to protect their interests and increase their wealth. How they achieve their goal? By forcing everyone to use as a medium of exchange the object defined by them to be “money”. At the old times, the rich and powerfull people put their face in coins, and they forced everyone (through the mecanism of taxation) to use this very coin. A similar thing is always repeated until nowdays. They dont put their face anymore, but they still control the force and they are using it in a similar way, but in a larger scale. Whoever denies their dominance, he is bombed till death. Whoever denies the dominance of their money, he is taxed till death. They have a new term for it, they call it AML/KYC. If you become rich outside their system and outside their money, you are accused of money laundering. Whatever commodity you managed to earn, it is taxed by using the money of the plutocrats, and if you are unable to pay them using their money, your commodity is violently confiscated.


I couldn’t agree more. As long as we have governments, you will have cabals to take advantage of this monopolization of decision.
That’s why decentralized crypto currencies are so great isn’t it?