is down (Update: It's up)

#1 is down


Thanks. I’ll get it upgraded. We have not been using it yet.


I once tried to drop my instructions how to run a node on Windows there, but I was incapable of handling the user interface. This is a crucial part of community infrastructure, to share a place where knowledge is aggregated and refined for dissemination. To select the best wiki system and run it would have been a very basic contribution by the foundation, and arguably even their duty. So, twice thank you, Jonas.


Well some months ago I was planning on foundation funding to help build out the community forums and wiki… but… as we know that has not happened. So we are stuck with my credit card and time :slight_smile: .

I’ll look into Wikis when I get a chance or would welcome a conspirator who wants to own that part of the community!


A billion raised an no money to keep a website up. Nice.


Would be interested to try Windows node - let me know if you put these instructions somewhere. Thanks!


Unsure how to prepare the directions for reuse when there is a wiki, but would you like to contact me via ? I would assist you through the rather simple procedure, given you have Windows 10 Pro.
Maybe the output could be actual documentation for others. I am developing and debugging quite comfortably on my Windows machine with this setup and can publish seamlessly to the Linux production machines.


Should it also work on 8.1? Would appreciate the instructions as well, e-mail sent.


Unfortunately, you need Windows 10 PRO, Fall Creators Update (Build > 16299).
I am using two features that are only available in the pro edition:

HyperV for Docker for Windows and
Windows Subsystem for Linux to run Ubuntu for the interface to the node.

I have created a Google doc with instructions:

Feel free to improve.


Thank you very much for these instructions!



This week I’ve got the laptop with fresh Windows 10 and installed Alphanet. Again - thanks for your instructions!

Though couple of small remarks to improve it:
sudo docker run hello-world - didn’t work for me, works only without sudo

sudo ./ restart --rpc-port 8732 - same, works only without sudo

If just to go through your instructions step by step - nginx is not running already, that’s why
sudo nginx -s reload
should be replace by
sudo nginx

  1. Could be great also to add something about how to maintain the node (when and how to update, how to check the status - if it is functioning correctly).


Thanks for the input, Timour.

I have changed the instructions.


And since we have a running wiki now, it’s also here: