Who's looking to sell in beta stage?


I’ve come across a couple of people interested in purchasing Tezzies and they’d be interested in entering into private arrangements once the betanet is launched. If anyone is interested, let me know and I can put you in touch.


im interested let me know the details pls thanks


How many Tezzies are you looking to sell? If you prefer to discuss this privately, email me on tbear8106@gmail.com.


I am interested, I am looking to sell up to 70K XTZ depending on conditions. Thanks.


btcinsight - Okay, my contact is also interested. How can I put the two of you in touch? He’ll be looking to purchase from you using Bitcoin.


ziggy826 - let me know how many you are looking to sell.


I would be interested


I see…so many people tired of holding their Tezos and willing to give them away almost for free.

well, i don’t have much XTZ and i ain’t gonna sell them so cheap


what do you think Tezos will be worth 1 week from release, 3 months from release and 1 year from release? I expect Binance, bitfinix, bittrex, poloniex, bithumb to list Tz between 1 to 4 wks after release.


I’m looking to sell only 100 XTZ out of my 575 holdings. Just needed to settle some of my obligations. Just want to know how the transaction will consummate. Are we gonna implement some sort of escrow just to be more secure for both parties ?


Selling my 660 xtz . Anyone interested please pm or send me your email .cheers


If anyone interested in selling am a buyer . Just message me


Email telegram?i can’t pm


Sorry messi93 saw your post wouldn’t be interested in that size…


Still wanna buy tezos ?


Well why not ?660 worth above 2k $ so what’s your problem?


I will buy Tezos tokens post Beta launch using escrow service. DM amount, asking and any additional conditions. Escrow released once tokens in wallet.


@KforT I can’t send you pm because I just signed up here. Can you send me one?



hi. please pm through freehklg@gmail.com
im interested in xtz to buy through escrow safety
thank you.


looking for sell with escrow . mp me jatabas12@gmail.com . or telegram @jatabas11