Who are you going to delegate, in easy chart form?


The question is not if you will delegate but who, yourself or someone else?

Direct link, like explaining how to change a tire, seems complicated at first but is not if you keep the chart by your side.


Doing it yourself sure seems complicated…


chainomatic, this is what I meant earlier about driving people away. just concentrate on showing people how easy it would be to do it with your solution. not overcomplicating things trying to describe the why


This chart originated form feedback, asking for a flow chart, a 1, 2, 3.

If you believe this is overcomplicating matters please show your work that makes this more clear.

But be aware, a kid in Pakistan used it to explain what he was doing.
Results, his parents got it, their child is putting up a “bank branch” holding the blockchain in his hand.

The freedom behind this is exciting, is it not?
“A new digital commonwealth”


Nice - “Dont’t let your Tezos stake just sit and devalue! Delegate to Tezzigator and INCREASE value.”


For all those who still believe in Tezos - I’ve found one delegate who’ll let you keep your private key secret and just tag your Tezzies indicating that they are staked and he’s your delegate. By my opinion he (they) are good choice. A link to their landing page is: MyCryptoDelegate


I really want a secure solution to run my own node but I know most people don’t want to do that. However, more nodes more decentralization which is the one major point of distributed ledgers.


all delegates will be like this. not sure why you are shilling for just one of them across the threads in these forums.


Agreed. Please disclose if you are affiliated with a project you are recommending!


No, I have nothing with them. If you demand from me I’ll delete my post about the subject.


Mainly because good impression they made on me. I’ve said I’m choosing them and they said to tell the community. Probably they should advertise themself in the community like some do. Excuse me for this :frowning:


Thanks @bkonjevi for your explanation and your participation. No need to delete your posts.


You see sir, I’m a sometimes little unthinking - but - as a matter of fact it has crossed my mind that this could be considered as some kind of spam. Only problem was - I didn’t know who is a person to ask. It wouldn’t happen again.


At every stage, I have been disappointed with the management of this project.
Love the Tezos protocol; hate the missteps.
Just this one Topic area alone:

  • Tezzigator isn’t even a delegator any more. Poor communication continues.
  • Tezos Community is over delegated. No mention of that on your website…?
  • Why is the Community a delegator and competing with its members?
    If I was Mike or Bo I would feel betrayed.
  • Why not stay independent. Offer support to delegators. Offer the community a delegator rating service?
  • Now that the Community has become a profit center, all suggestions/opinions as a moderator become suspect. Tainted with potential bias.
    Trusted; decentralized; strong governance?
    Sorry Jonas and Tezos Community Foundation, y’all only talk-the-talk.


Gotcha TAT. Just for the record, www.tezos.community has always been a private project started, funded and run by me. Early on I tried to get the Foundation to sponsor it and make it a real funded project, but that never was supported. Even today, I get absolutely no support from the foundation and have gotten nothing from TCF. All this work over the past year has been 100% volunteer.

The good news for me is that the delegation model allows me to generate some revenue to fund these operations. Im thankful to the thousands of community members who are supporting us with their delegations.


My bad for making assumptions and confusing the similar names.
However my angst is further justified if our “close knit” community (required by a successful protocol) is actually a dysfunctional family.
Many a great enterprise has been derailed by poor communication, in-fighting, and hidden agendas.
Congratulations on reaching your delegating goal.