What to do with my tezzies (that are still within tezos.com)


Hey guys.

Because of how the whole project has worked out, I decided to try and not think about my XTZ a lot, so as to no stress on delays. Because of this, if I don’t get a direct email from the foundation (like the KYC stuff, which I already took care off), I really get the news late.

I knew about the betanet, but I also heard, that you could wait until the Main Net to do something about your tezzies (like moving them to a cold wallet). To me, that also meant, that it would probably be a simple step by step thing.

Now, I’ve seen the posts on the thing that Stephen Andrews did, and the whole step by step to withdraw xtz from tezos.com to a wallet. But i’m not entirely convinced I want to do it through something a third party did, and as I understand it, move my tezzies to a third party wallet… it all seems a bit unsafe to me.

So my question is.

Can I simply wait until Main Net to do a much simpler extration and deposit to a secure wallet?


This is a valid question - I was wondering the same thing lately and could not find any hints on this anywhere.


FWIW, I followed the process using Stephen’s Activatz and TezBox apps, and everything worked out fine.


I don’t doubt that the process works. The question is still valid: can one wait and do the final step after the MainNet becomes active, rather than right now?


Well, I think it should not matter. From what I understand, Betanet will “morph” into MainNet and that means the Genesis block is the same. And since the ICO contributions are recorded in the Genesis block, it should not matter when one does the last step in the process. I guess :slight_smile:


Yes, you can wait. Betanet is just a trial run of Mainnet. All betanet transactions will be imported to the Mainnet, as I understand it.