What is the best exchange to sell Tezzies on?


I am looking for recommendations for the best exchange to sell some of my tezzies on.
I would prefer to use something with low trading fees and that is safe and secure. I would like to sell my tezzies in exchange for USD. Let me know if you guys have any favorites!


gate.io is a reasonable exchange with liquidity and standard fee’s. They have a USDT pair.

You might be better off to delegate them to a baker and collect 6-10% returns YoY…


Thanks for the help!
I am not familiar with USDT. Do they not offer Tezzies —> US dollars?


Are US Citizens not permited to use this exchange??


Gate.io is very good at taking deposits but I know of a number of people who have had real issues withdrawing. Do a Google search and you will find numerous posts.


Have you tried, ibuytezos.com. You can sell to USD there.


i visited their site and it eems they are legit and the steps are easy to follow. Have you tried selling your tezzies to ibuytezos.com? How many days will it take to be credited on my bank account?


Can I send via a wallet transfer or does this website act as its own exchange platform?


Sell my tezzies? Not happening anytime soon. So, I never got that far with them.


Does anyone have an opinion on trading tezzies on HitBTC???


same here… Im not in any way sell my tezzies… I will HODL till it’s $100… :wink: