What is Tezos doing with the BCH they now have


Hey all, was a contributor to this ICO…just curious if there has been any word as to Tezos’s plans with the BCH they now hold as a result of getting all their BTC prior to 8/1.

If both chains survive it also means the contribution total was far more than first estimated.


No word from the Foundation, but presumably they will include it in their diversification plans - as they have announced for BTC and ETH. At the end of the day, the more value that the Foundation captures from the fundraiser, the more they have to invest in the success of Tezos.


Is the best place to follow updates from the Foundation on their twitter feed? I don’t use twitter unfortunately. With the massive price explosion as well as the creation of BCH, the contributed value in USD has gone up over $100mill since 8/1 I believe…that is a massive increase in total assets held by the Foundation


They have a blog at tezos.ch - but word is they are in hiring mode right now and wont have much to communicate for a couple of months.


Looks like this was addressed in today’s update. Weird thing is that I get the email updates from the Foundation to a different email address than the one that I created my wallet with. That one doesn’t get any sort of updates from the Foundation at all.


The foundation has said that they do not retain addresses related to wallet creation. The email you received was likely from when you registered on tezos.com or through the slack channel (back in the day).


Asked the same question by email reply back was “The fork of bitcoin occurred after you made your contribution. This means that the bitcoin was no longer in your possession at that time (given up in exchange for a recommended amount of tezzies). As such, you cannot access the bitcoin cash that would have been generated from that bitcoin.” /replied asking for more clarity as I’d like more transparency on what the Foundation plans to do with the c$45m of BCH and whether this will be added to total ICO funds so its not ignored as this would add c16% to the total ICO and would be best invested back into the platform again in a transparent way to backers of Tezos. Awaiting a reply.