URGENT - Is Bakechain broken after Athens?

My baker has missed 2 endorsements since the Athens upgrade and the little red above my baker address is now red… is my baker offline at the moment? do I need to upgrade Bakechain somehow?

Thanks in advance for any information

Make that 3 endorsements missed in a row, since Athens… what should I do?

Problem has been solved, I needed to switch the public node within Bakechain over to TzScan instead of the original RPC one.

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Rusq, what did you do exactly? Could you help?

Did you navigate to settings within Bakechain?
For the RPC address field, what did you paste in?

Thank you in advance.

Morning mate, I had a look at the public nodes available here - https://tzscan.io/nodes

Then went to the settings tab of Bakechain and I replaced the value in the RPC field with the below


The dashboard screen immediately updated and it’s been working fine ever since.