Unsure internet man


Should i be worried about tezos


Internet man, you should be worried about the quality of your sources, if you see more progress in the back office than in the codebase. Many would argue it’s the other way around. With painful obviousness.


of course, you should man.
It looks like all Tezos work is happening between Gevers and Artur, while investors are somewhat forgotten

It looks like Gevers and Artur are fine with them both fighting each other and missing us investors in their so called “work”

Sometimes Artur is giving his stupid updates which no one understands and this is why he thinks he is OK with investors


Hello, you should learn the art of the argument and make your thoughts clear.
I was gifted this book , A Rulebook for Arguments, 4th-ED Hackett Publishing Co., 2009 by Anthony Weston.

Much clarity @611ninja