Unable to retrive Tezzies from fundraiser using Tezbox

I am currently unable to create a Tezbox wallet at tezbox.com, with all the correct information. Yes it’s all correct, copy/pasted the seed, public hash, email, password, and activation code about a thousand times to validate.

  • The public hash was activated successfully and verified on the ledger at tzscan.io

  • The password was also check for validation with an offline hash generator at “pwcheck_full.html” (which spit out the expected public hash, matching the one i was given).

When trying this at first, i didn’t read the entire step, and i accidentally used my seed to create a wallet from the “seed phrase” tab, instead of the “fundraiser wallet” tab. This spits out a random wallet with a different hash and balance of 0, but i used the seed from the fundraiser PDF. Now i cannot create the fundraiser wallet. Each time i attempt to make the wallet, i get the following error:

“Activation was unsuccessful - please ensure the code is right, or leave it blank if you have already activated it”

I don’t know if using the seed breaks it all, or if there’s a way to do this, but i’m open to help if anyone knows a little more about this than me.


I have successfully figured it out. I just left the activation code field blank and it worked fine. I thought that was required so i kept adding it.

I too am having the same issue with restoring my Tezos ICO wallet.

I have verified the password, have the public hash, and email; but still am getting the same error message that “your fundraiser details don’t seem to match…” which they do! I’ve checked.

Any ideas?

I’ve accidentally made 2 other tezbox accounts trying to get this one up and restored.
thanks for any assistance y’all can give me!

how long before you could see your fundraiser balance?

I had problems and thought I lost all of my Tezos. Then I tried Tezos.blue and got it figured out!