Tzscan Delegation Part


Hi there,
When I checked my dashboard on it seems on the delegation part not active.

Any suggestion?


Looks to be active. From that link.

Txs number 5
Manager tz1hPQkY4PYtfQDjkFbTQhfn1iHDnsw9FZUF 
Spendable true
Delegatable true 
Delegate Tezos Community
Counter 2


Thank you for your reply. I attached snapshot ;

I mean it does not seem any deleguees. Do you have any idea why? Thank you


I was actually wondering about this exact thing myself.

I also asked the question here, but no replies yet:

Would also love to hear the answer from someone who knows.


Tzscan indexing issue possibly? Out of curiosity if you show the hash of the delegation TX does txscan have it?


Here’s the hash of the transaction where I originated the new contract and delegated it Tezos Vote:

Tzscan shows the Origination, but it does not show the Delegation, even though it clearly happened, b/c I can see it set correctly pointing at Tezos Vote: