Tokyo_crypto (tokyo_on_rails) Lied So Much Against Me on 18 Oct 2018 - A Rebuttal


So many of us using the Riot may be aware of what transpired yesterday 18 October 2018 in Riot. If you are not aware, please refresh by visiting Tezos channel in Riot. It started with AJ publicly warning members of being wary of DMs from a user called Mitezos asking money from members. I refuted his claim by asking him to provide proofs of his claim having known i never DMed anyone for money except Tokyo.

I insisted that AJ should substantiate his claims with proofs, which he couldnt. I then announced with a general request that whoever has proof I personally DMed him for money should come forward with a screenshot of the DM. Then i wasn’t suspecting Tokyo but a guy i asked to hold his business private.

It was then Tokyo asked if I was talking about him, I replied with a no, cos I knew I communicated with him that morning based on a post he sent on Reddit. This one:

I acknowledge I let down myself and messed my integrity by thinking he was serious with the post. Comments on the post has one person asked him to send it to him. On twitter, one person presented an address and asked that it be sent to him. I foolishly DMed him asking him to send the “rewards” to my family, cos we need it. To buttress my point, i gave him instances of what we are passing through and i was serious about it cos its a personal text to a person i trusted.

After the DM, I saw on the post a twitter link which i followed. The twitter account from where the post emanated wasn’t Tokyo’s account, I was amazed so I went back to the DM and apologized. This is to show that my DM was based on the post.

Tokyo is one of the community leaders i trust, revere, respect and will honor if i meet him in person due to his constant posts, position on tezos success, his being vocal in the community. I never knew he has a long accumulated shit of grudges and hate on me. I never knew he was grieved in July when i lost my mother and this community helped me. The events of yesterday exposed his grudges against me. Whatever he believed about me wasn’t my concern, the grudges and hate weren’t my concern but the lies I want to clear though that may affect the way you see me here.

I chose tezos community here to express my hurt cos i started here with tezos. This was my landing page, I was muted in riot tezos channel yesterday (though open now) when i tried to clear these allegations, then i was typing without thinking erratically on mobile. When I scrolled and read his posts it occurred to me that a well written rebuttal is needed, this is currently not possible in riot. After I finish, if i will be ejected from all tezos channels, I’d go in peace.

I repeat here, that I DMed Tokyo asking him for help based on a FALSE post he sent on Reddit. I also repeat here that i apologized to him for that DM after I noticed it came from a twitter account not his. I DMed him thinking he is MY MAN!!! I was proved very wrong!! He didn’t warn me, he didn’t correct me about the post being a JOKE MEME.

What he did instead was to contact AJ his proxy, advised him to warn the community against me. This: AJ%20warning%20community

Why going to that extent? Why not warn me first? Have anyone else reported me to them? Have i offended AJ for once? Have i defrauded anyone here or send unsolicited texts or mails? Why a sudden defamation to destroy a harmless African cos the community once helped him in July? Tokyo’s grudges went without limit event to lying in order to nail me. Here are his claims against me in Riot, which many of you may have read.


    Here is the riot conversation, read and judge if i actually i told him he was owing me:
    a. This was my first ttime of contacting Tokyo

b. Conversation continued, in which he said he wasn’t the guy on twitter.
Please note that I won this contest in March 2018, the money was sent to me by @Tezos_2018 Twitter owner whom i took to be Tokyo_on_rails, then I was new on Twitter and riot. Take note of the question, the last sentence: “Ooh, you are the guy from whom i won 100xtz then around $75?”
I wanted to write: “Ooh, you are ‘not’”, omitted ‘not’ but included the question mark. I didnt figure out how to edit in riot so i left the question thinking he will understand.

c. Conversation continued:
Here i apologized for mistaking him for another person: “Am sorry if am mistaking you for another person”. This is enough to show i never claim here in all the discuss that he was owing me money, i already received the money in March. I only mistook him for @Tezos_2018 the owner of the contest. Visit this twitter account, browse back to between March 25 - 28 2018 and verify for yourself if I lied. Tokyo was holding this as an offence of asking money from him. He lied trying to nail me as a swindler, and i call this HATE and wickedness.

  1. IN RIOT YESTERDAY 18 OCTOBER 2018 TOKYO CLAIMED I ASKED THAT TCF GRANT BE SENT TO ME WHILE I HAVE NO EVIDENCE OF COMMUNITY!! THIS IS A LIE! Here are the conversations, read and judge from what I said being then very excited I was about hosting Tezos TCF in Nigeria. Excited foolish boy talking to one who he trusted but full of HATE!! Now I’ve learnt my lessons never to trust a stranger! Never to think people are feeling the same way you are and never ever to think that people like him will trust an African easily. Its a pain!

a. I told him why i was contacting him, then at that time i never knew he was a member of TCF. I didnt know the constitution of individual members. I was asking to understand if he knew the operational procedure. Whether we made mistakes in our application that was delaying a reply for two or three months. I have a group i was converting to tezos, assured them of superiority of the tech over others. Note: They were not tezos investors and so have no stakes. They left me with insults after i proved to have lied to them about a meetup. Its pains on each side!!


Take note that we set a date for 30th June as the Application form demands.

b. Shot%204%20Meetup

I want you to read through the text, see if in any of my (foolish excited) texts i did demand that Tokyo should send Meetup GRANT to me. I never knew he was TCF member in the first place.

c. Shot%205%20Meetup%20continued

Note here, that we are looking forward to receiving a resource person from TCF, and we never expected to be talking to participants ourselves, what did Tokyo said on this:
“Even if we sponsor a meetup, it often just means we will fund it, not necessarily go there ourselves”.
It was from here i got a notion of his being a member. This is all our discussion on this Meetup issue, where did i demand he should send the meetup grant to me? Where is the address i sent for that? Tokyo should show where i made the demand.

If what he was pointing at here is related to TCF grant committee’s decision on my application, then something is very wrong somewhere! Is this how to treat applications? These doubts about a community were not mentioned and i was told to wait till quarter 4 2018, (which am no longer interested in), that TCF was a new child, having no capacity yet to move around everywhere in the world and have limited funds. All agreed and accepted in good faith. Tokyo made me really understand what played in the board. The staff of TCF who mailed the decision to me requested i should organize people, feed them, buy them drinks and send pictures to him, holy shit! So i was expected to cook up some fascinating videos and pictures of a purported community for my application to be approved! I refused to do that and will never do that. See point 5 below for details of what i did thinking a meetup is possible in my country.

    This is a lie cos he never was interested on my where about else he should have asked me. Secondly the help i secured from the community, which was his heartache was communicated by community leaders and never by myself. It was an open event, known by those present within the period. After this help, i posted in Reddit an appreciation to all the community, gave testimony to friends, stuck with the community up till now.
    Nonetheless, I traveled on 2nd August to the village where i have no access to the internet from an ISP i was using. The burial took place on the 15th August and we got back end of August. I communicated with friends in riot in September. This can be proved. Tokyo was bent on nailing me down to the mud as a swindler who got money by fraudulent stories and run. I couldn’t post burial pictures for security reasons but if leaders of tezos community will put up request for pictures i’d post it to them.

I have posted that this help was yesterday turned into a hook on my neck and a means of destroying my person by a man i trust. Having resolved to continually remain grateful to the community for an unmerited favor granted me, please if anyone has sent XTZ to me during that period and is agreeing with TOKYO that i was a swindler, please indicate your address and amount i will kindly return back the funds. Its painful to me but public smears like this has so many negative effects on the smeared.

a. I rarely comment in riot, my English is poor so most time i stalk. Have he in any occasion tried to take note of people stalking in riot without saying a word? He would have noticed me. Tezos community isn’t a place to ignore a single day, i was always there.

b. Most often, my interest goes to immediate tasks expected from members like the STACK EXCHANGE demands, some of signed documents sent out etc. I look forward to these kind of participation as a way of contributing in my own little way as one isn’t one of the Stephen Andrews.

Meetup and marketing would have been my field of working for Tezos but it is not possible cos i was taken as a swindler and of course an African and Nigerian for that matter. Every Nigerian is “Prince of Nigeria”. May the Almighty judge whosoever that has this evil thoughts of condemning every African man or Nigerians. If a person commits crime, the person should be punished not his people, crime is everywhere. Tokyo isn’t a spirit that knows where people are every time, he should mind his own business.

    I replied and demanded for a proof, this is electronic era every activity online is always available even when deleted. Let Tokyo_on_rails provide evidence to justify these claims. This community helped me, this is a fact and the means of asking for that help inst contained in DMs to members. It was posted openly in riot by a leader, most of the leaders were aware of this including the founder.

Again, if i have contacted anyone secretly for money, please let the person post the link or screenshot of the conversations here or in riot. If it is true we discuss it. First i want people to open up on this, please show it perhaps I was doing that in my dreams while Tokyo watch.

It was only Tokyo, only Tokyo_on_rails I foolishly contacted “ONCE” for help on 18 October 2018 based on a deceptive post he sent in Reddit, which he later called a JOKE MEME. This is only once i went to hell and he wanted me to be destroyed instantly in hell using AJ.

Can AJ, an admin in tezos riot channel show i have wronged him one day? Why didn’t he warn me privately first? He went ahead to please his master Tokyo to destroy me. I would have asked Tokyo to warn Mitezos if i was in AJ’s position. When one is warned for a time or two he fails to heed instruction, he can be openly disgraced and reprimanded. What they did yesterday is racial discrimination and injustice against me cos of where i came from. Will they collude to do the same to another from their domain?

    This is blatant wickedness cos no one (that i know) donated to tezos from my country during the ICO. Community wise Tokyo as a wise person shouldnt expect a tezos community in my country when no one has a stake. My whole impression of a meetup is educating crypto enthusiasts (people in crypto but ignorant of tezos), Institutions, Governments etc on tezos brand.These mentioned group from my country were not stakeholders in tezos from ICO point of entry. They are novices of the tech and someone needed to mobilize, gather, and educate them on the new tech, i wouldnt be expected to do this with my funds. If you have done it in your country, please show. This is the way i think about Meetups, gathering of targeted groups to get them engaged in tezos.

Now if meetups are for community members who are already here and are aware, what is the essence? Its a waste of money. Tokyo accused me of having no pictures of the community in my country! Which picture is he demanding? Cooked up pictures of none-existing people? If that was his demand, i attend many crypto meetings and seminars, maybe one can be sent to him. If swindling TCF was the intention, we would have sent pictures. Hope honesty still possess its values.

What did we do? I contacted an Institution myself, sent people that have link with banks to contact bankers, reached out to Bitcoin and Ether groups via contacts. I have people that worked with me believing i have genuine concern. The worst about my actions those days was that i boasted of tezos as best, assured them of having to listen to the leaders as they come. In my deepest mind, i thought TCF have a way of monitoring grants through funding of mile stones until the meetup day. These people worked to mobilize participants but were disheartened when i announced the rejection. This is fatal, from my side, they blamed me for lying, dispersed with disappointment, some have spent money. And here this Tokyo is worsening my pains with all these rubbish.


Here is the address: KT1HDKvF7K54UymkPCKFk5Ui7jnX25vhgE5r (at the time this address was shown to him as having been delegated to him, it has $0.09, its fund was sent to an exchange for sell) You can see baking rewards remittances as transaction and a transfer to an exchange.

I delegated the address to tz1VYQpZvjVhv1CdcENuCNWJQXu1TWBJ8KTD which belongs to one Tezos Tokyo, which i mistakenly believed to belong to Tokyo. For knowing him and trusting him, i thought i was delegated to him. I delegated to people i trust and so i was sorry for thinking i delegated to Tokyo_on_rails while he has no delegate service. Showing the address was basically to show that the delegated fund isnt there anymore, has been sent to an exchange. Secondly, if he was looking for where to “send the baking rewards”, will it not be just to send it to people who delegated to him without his solicitation (my thoughts). Wrong thoughts for he wasn’t the guy i delegated to. All these blunders added fuel to the bomb he threw at me.

In summary, I as a person, I have no interest in smears, defamation, and casting aspersion on people, I put up this side of my story to stand as a rebuttal to all the shit Tokyo threw at me yesterday. I insisted he should post the DM to see exactly how he feels about me, offload all future potentials to having anything private about me with which he can torment me and he added lies, which i have corrected. Some of the texts i sent to him, (i mean the most private ones), which he showed publicly were confidential secret i revealed to him, am very happy he will never ever have the guts to say he has private info about me, not any time in this life. The venom was already released and i have survived it and succeed in my life.
Great is tezos community, great is Mr. Lamis who can use private info to better the lives of fellow humans instead of destroy them for mere sake of showing super moral. Thanks all.