Third Time’s the Charm? Tezos Hit With Third Class-Action Suit in a Month



Guys, it is a third Lawsuit against Tezos in a month ))
And some people still calling me crazy - according to them, all these Lawsuits are initiated by idiots.
Who knows, maybe it will turn out otherwise



Cant this maddog be banned from here, who told him that we are not aware of class-actions? Am specifically waiting for the action you will file. Go out there dig up shits and post here cos Jonas allows it. This is why many respectful members stops commenting here. If this is the kind of useless users that are allowed here, i may consider terminating my account here.

@Jonas isnt this forum built for the promotion of Tezos project?


I sent @labeoTairovo a warning to stop the negativity just today.


I can delete my account myself.
Don’t worry

I can’t sustain censorship.

Either you allow me to reflect the current situation with Tezos in true way, or terminate my account. I really don’t care too much

I am not spreading false or "fake"news. All my postings are confirmed with some sources


@labeoTairovo I think it’s how you state the issues over and over, not so much the actual, small amount of content. I could say what you are saying in probably less words than I just typed. I do believe in your right to be truthful and I uncensored but…