The Tezos Community Statement on a New Tezos Foundation Board Member

We request that the remaining board members unanimously elect a new board member to bring increased confidence and integrity to the Tezos Foundation.

The new board member should have no prior dealings with current or former board members, is a demonstrably competent executive, highly respected in the crypto community, and completely independent.

Notwithstanding the above, the Tezos Community reiterates its concerns which were widely circulated and supported in the Community Petition, and calls for Mr. Gevers to resign or be dismissed immediately.

The Tezos Community Petition Organizers


Hear hear!
All eyes are on Gevers’ pick, he will be highly scrutinized and if it’s clear he is just a minion an all out war on Gevers will be in full fury.

Just as a remark: wasn’t Gevers “highly respected in the crypto community” too? Ultimately they chose him for a reason right? I agree with above statement, I really do, just the “crypto community” thing might be an issue. This guy should approve funds for visionary partnerships and alliances, that might include incumbent companies such as Mercedes or Nestle, governments, even banks. Hence a person, who knows the incumbent’s world, who can influence and convince it, and not just a single-minded “BTC-will-rise-forever-fuck-the-rest” guy might have to be considered. Tezos should affect all aspects of life, and a position on the foundation’s board is very strategic and therefore it should have a diverse, multi-minded structure (as the petition says: more members would be highly welcome).