The right moment for launching tezos



I am new to this community but not really to Tezos, as I have been following the project for a while already.

Since the launch of Tezos seems very close i just wonder if it would be wise to proceed with it on such a current depressed crypto market climate.

Wouldn’t it be wiser to freeze the launch for a bit longer, until a better market environment emerges? Lets say until Ethereum reaches USD 1000/un once again, or whatever metric you prefer?

It is just an idea. I am as anxious as the next one to see Tezos coming to live, but since we already waited for so long, a few weeks/months won’t be as noticeable anymore and choosing the “perfect” timing might make a big difference on the market projection of Tezos price…


For my side I think it is a better idea to go live on a rational market (but is crypto still rational ? At least it is more rational than December.

It would give time to developpers to adapt to the new smart contract language (Michelson), and for companies to built on Tezos. Then if the market grows up again, Tezos will be ready… It is my point of view. Better to go “Rogue” as Kathleen Breitman said and continue working for developping Tezos.

Moreover now that the 1B$ are available they can create the 50M$ funds that they announced to help companies to developp with Tezos.


By my opinion completely opposite is correct! This is the right moment! Why? Well… because it will bring in the potential investors with big money. Best idea is to show up when a rival is down. I think that serious people with bags of the money are closely watching this project, but that doesn’t mean that they will wait forever.