The Philosophy and Values of ꜩ

I found a blog post that outlines the philosophy and values of ꜩ, here’s a link:



I do wish Tezos would utilize something like IPFS, for a more distributed medium, pun intended.


  • Humanity’s history is deleted daily
  • HTTP is inefficient and expensive
  • The web’s centralization limits opportunity
  • Our apps are addicted to the backbone
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This is what Filecoin is talking about doing, and they even mentioned Tezos in their white paper:

7.2 Integration with other systems
Bridges are tools that aim at connecting different blockchains; while still work in progress, we plan to support cross chain interaction in order to bring the Filecoin storage in other blockchain-based platforms as well as bringing functionalities from other platforms into Filecoin.

  • Filecoin in other platforms: Other blockchain systems such as Bitcoin [19], Zcash [20] and in particular Ethereum [18] and Tezos, allow developers to write smart contracts; however, these platforms provide very little storage capability and at a very high cost. We plan to provide a bridge to bring storage and retrieval support to these platforms. We note that IPFS is already in use by several smart contracts (and protocol tokens) as a way to reference and distribute content. Adding support to Filecoin would allow these systems to guarantee storage of IPFS content in exchange of Filecoin tokens.
  • Other platforms in Filecoin: We plan to provide bridges to connect other blockchain services with Filecoin. For example, integration with Zcash would allow support for sending requests for storing data in privacy.

I hope Tezos becomes so skilled at stakeholder-governance we set examples that others want to follow.