Tezzigator - Alphanet delegation progress


Id like input from everyone on what I have so far. Please see the wallet I have got set up.
For now, I only populate the Status page, Baked Blocks, and Endorsements and am at the point where I would like to get the community’s input.

As the alphanet stalls so frequently, I have given up on staking for the moment, and am just concentrating on my frontend+backend. So for now, I have selected one of the main Dev’s staking account as our delegator to track, instead of my identity, just for now. However, this has the added benefit of giving us lots of blocks and transactions to see. Due to the status of the alphanet, updates to the the tables will be fairly random and infrequent just until the alphanet becomes more solid.

Currently the database only fetches for you 1000 records, Ill work on some pagination later.

But for the most part, all thats left is for me to get back into the RPC to determine who all delegates out to me, store that, and divvy up earnings and to then automatically handle the payouts at the end of a cycle.

I dont see any reason why im not 100% functional for the Genesis block. So please, I value your input.


The rewards are huge…I hope it’s just an imaginary numbers


they are real, but since cerrently there are only 2 decimals used, and im sassuming eventually there will be 8 decimal places, and I dont currently use decimals, so you see 6 extra zeros there a lot


I’m a user and investor, so all of the technical stuff i have to research to know what anyone is saying. The wallet must be simple yet powerful.


Now that the alphanet is stable, have made lots more progress on the delegation wallet. We are now tracking our own blocks/endorsements, new constituents, future generated blocks, much more FAQ, and more! check it out by clicking the link below


Dear Tezzigator, Thanks and the site is looking great so far!

I used these commands on the alphanet to get started with the delegation:

sudo ./alphanet.sh client add identity tezzigator tz1WMiTatUaj37z1qAMg6eJ2da1GEN2fn5Uv

sudo ./alphanet.sh client set delegate for cc_stash to tezzigator

I had to wait a while and then checked back in about an hour and I showed up as a constituent on the list. Thanks, and I look forward to seeing how it goes from here!


AWESOME to hear from my first guinea pig!

I will note, that currently, my system runs 64 blocks behind, intentionally, to help protect the database against forks/rollbacks. thus the delay.

Soon I will configure it such that I have 1024 blocks worth of protection, but yet it will appear to operate in real time with no lag. This is how I currently have my NXT system set up; I juts havent put that part in here yet.

now, when we do go live, the first comers will be the ones to get the most desirable (lowest) IDs of 1-25.