Tezzie future at new record highs


Not sure if this is only in light of the renewed crypto rally, but the Tezzie future (yes, its useless but the only indication we currently have) just hit 3 USD and is actually outperforming its peers, also BTC. Good Morning


Mod, these spam threads shilling the hitbtc market have to stop, The only purpose of them is to get people to go buy this scam market.


Thanks Draky-baby, so tell me: based on what sophisticated valuation model - you certainly have one in mind - you think they valued the non-issued Tezzies which are now subject to a legal dispute we are all well aware of? Do you tend rather towards discounted cash flow or possibly a P/E multiple?


I don’t understand your question, and I don’t think this idiotic iou market should have any value because there is more than a decent chance these tokens will never launch. Shill this scam market somewhere else.


Look, I agree with you that you should not trade on Hitbc. If its a scam or not I dont know but dont forget that e.g. bitfinex is pretty often called a Ponzi scheme as well and so are many other Crypto exchanges. Fact is that Crypto is wildwildwest. Now if you want to valuate a token, how do you do this Drake? I say currently there is only one way: looking at current trades, i.e. a market. Probably hitbc is a shitty market and ppl might be ripped off but it is a market and the only valuation we have. And the other thing Draky: read the case with Gevers and one of the main reasons we have this mess and you’ll get my point regarding the Tezzie valuation.


The Bancor iou market was trading several times the ico price then it hit exchanges and dumped to shit, so no, this market tells us absolutely nothing other than the unkown supply of iou tokens that hitbtc added/adds to the market is being pumped by hitbtc.


Surely that was and will be the case for all other ico tokens as well. The representativeness of your comprehensive study is rather low. Look, there is currently no alternative valuation. So be happy if valuations go up and dont give a shit if they go down, thats what I do. Take it easy, be positive and have a drink. Long live Tezos.

PS: bancor is based on Ethereum, you might have noticed that Tezos will be the next level should it ever fly. Its a different animal and not comparable in any way to Bancor. Many might flip should the first trading day come, but fuck them.


You have to be mindful of the fact that @drake may not appreciate whatever excitement or joy you might derive with your current evaluation cos he didn’t participate in the ICO. He might be one of many who may be enjoying the present problems facing Tezos hoping for price crash at launch in order to enter low and brace himself. So do not blame him, we understand him.


I wish. I have no idea why an ico buyer would give a shit about this market, it isn’t real xtz trading.


It may be a scam market, but it’s the only market we’ve got.


It’s not any different from the Bitmex futures market in determining confidence in Tezos. All hitbtc is doing is keeping pace with the pumping bitcoin price, If you want to try to increas your bitcoin there are better options. The only way I would ever buy these is if some amazing tezos news came out.


Then maybe before you complain like a baby next time, just keep your bitcoin. No one asked you to participate. Youll be the first to cheer when Tezzies skyrocket. Bitcoin is crazy currently and yes… the Tez futures is indeed correlated with it… I hope the foundation can diversify the asset base… thats all i hope.


Hello, I put half ether in my hand and they gave me a paper purse to take out the tezzies.
I see that they are listed in the coinmarket but they can not be removed yet, right?


The correlation of the Tezos futures price to Bitcoin’s rally alone doesn’t seem to make sense. Does anyone have a more sophisticated explanation as to what is driving the futures price? I’ve been looking at the one on Cryptocompare.com.

Constructive commentary preferred, including if anyone knows in general how the Cryptocompare.com futures price is being calculated.


Cryptocompare is based on hitBTC. Regarding the credibility read the texts above. I guess that the price is based on what ppl pay for this future called IOU - I owe you (i.e. supply/demand based). As it seems there is a daily volume of several 100k USD. To what extent this volume is real (real transactions, real ppl, real USD being paid for these so called IOU) has to be seen. I would never buy or sell there. In the end only when Tezzies hit the exchanges - if at all - we know the real marketprice. Be happy when HitBTC prices go up, dont care if they go down (its not a real market anyway) :slight_smile:

Btw: I agree that XTZ and BTC are not perfectly correlated, but unfortunately I am afraid that if BTC crashes, so will XTZ given their large asset base in BTC which they dont seem to properly diversify. I hope sooner or later there will be a major shift towards productive cryptos such as XTZ, but ppl are crazy currently and just dont care…


Thank you for the thoughtful reply.


And how do we buy from https://hitbtc.com/?
Can I use Dash or PIVX to buy 1 Tezos?
And how do I store my Tezos? Is there a wallet?


Well, as said: dont buy there! Btw as said: no tezos, tezos IOU! What you get after launch, who knows…