Tezos Tz-libre fork?!?


Is this anything to be concerned about?


This is exactly what Tezos was designed to avoid, right?


Total scam. The guy behind TxLibre was behind the Etherdelta hack.


Having a competent hacker being a member of the tz-libre development team is not necessarily bad…


What development team? How many hacker/developers are there?


I dont know.
Dont they have a public github place for us to see their work?

Where is their tezos repository?

So lets wait to see their codebase, and thus judge the quality of their work.
But the fact that their codebase is currently a closed source codebase, this is a bad sign.


A few more bad signs are their method of forking Tezos is suspect, they stole their code from DLS and apparently stole funds from real people during the EtherDelta hack. Also, if you want free TZL all you need to do is register someone else tz1 address. SCAM in my opinion.


Ya sounds like a scam, how do you create a fork of a block-chain system that hasn’t even hit beta yet?!


I think utterly labor theft


I know that in this space everything (almost everything) is open source, MIT licence, but if someone didn’t actually work on code with the original author(s) and thus has a same moral rights such act is pure theft. Surely, this team took a lot of money from us and they still didn’t produce code - but they will. They will and this will be solid project, project for many years ahead. We will be given our investment back, probably 100 times multiplied. Maybe even more.
My only remark is lack of marketing. Take a look on EOS! I know, not the same category - but that populistic approach works. For common users most important thing is that everything is free :slight_smile:
Also - there’s that new airdrop model. I mean, their feeling for a marketing is genial, I must admit.


The advertising should be done after there is a solid product. It is stupid to advertise when you have nothing or a few to show. It will make people arrive here, and then turn them dissapointed.

The advertising EOS is doing makes me ignore the project. I hate this kind of non techical advertising, but maybe I am a minority on that.


Well, I’m afraid so. They are trying to position themselves as the only one and a common people usually doesn’t care too much about some news of a some bug, however serious it can be as long as their money isn’t in danger. Look - how many of us are currently in the space? I’m not too much technical person (I coded a little, long time ago, in C and Fortran-77 and have learnt something about blockchain technology but I don’t not almost nothing about cryptography or functional programming), but maybe I can better foresee mass reaction.
Surely, very important is big money, and they’ll chose more secure blockchain… but still - they are only human, too. Maybe you’re right, who knows? EOS and Tezos aren’t in a same category… but is it possible to know that they aren’t planning to enter here?

BTW - I’m last person who should be against EOS , I HODL some of their tokens, but if success of EOS means failure of Tezos - I chose Tezos! I don’t like they’re approach, they’re style of conducting campaign. Sorry if my confession was understood like some double cross - most of us are in this field because of wealth, I think that is better to be honest.