Tezos Today - Interviews with the Tezos Community

Episode 1 - Mike Monohan from MyCryptoDelegate.com. Jonas and Mike discuss Staking Tezos, the new service MyCryptoDelegate.com, the SF Tezos meetup and Mike’s prediction for the price of XTZ in 2020.


Episode 2 - Milo Davis - Tezos Dev with the Foundation. Jonas and Milo discuss Michelson, the Tezos smart contract language, how to get started with developing for Tezos, and the price of XTZ in 2020.


Go! Go! Milo, Go!
Great interview, Jonas.

Tezos Today Episode 7 is out: Tezzigator Delegation and a tour of the Tezos Alphanet.

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The latest issue of Tezos Today - Ep 8 is out. https://youtu.be/SI53gVnMseA


great stuff! and thanks much to Jonas & Mike for the highlight! Im currently working on libsodium integration for anon logon

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Thanks Jonas from Urbana,IL here. The Tezos MeetUp you mentioned in the video was awesome. Tezos gave away Tezos labeled shirts and carrying bags along with food as well. Im really excited about where this is all going and looking forward to promoting the protocol further in the future as Blockchains, cryptocurrencies and smart contracts continue to gain more and more mainstream adoption.

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New Tezos Today Video update: https://youtu.be/9p8LA77TsD0