Tezos sale - good deal


I have 60,000 tezos bought at 0.3 $
I am whilling to sell at 4 BTC


That is a good deal, too bad I have no guarantee you won’t claim them before I do if I were to buy them.


i will give u the wallet file completely and sign an MOU…


what is an MOU? I have no guarantee you won’t
A try to beat me when it launches because you have all the info too and/or
B sell them to someone else
If you were a trusted friend I’d buy them right now.


ur right…
interested in Dimcoin? Team Token?
this is a complete handover of account


Now, why the fck would I care about Dimcoin or Team Token? we are on a tezos forum, where is the common sense?


Just like you I don’t trust buying before launch.
As I can see there is a lot of people wanting to sell Tezzies. I will just wait that network launches and then reinforce my position on Tezos. Not sure if price will be lower than ICO


Wow, how smart are you!
You finally got that you may miss everything by keeping this shit coins more?
Are you finally realized that Tezos is moving nowhere, while Bitcoin is moving to the moon?
Then congratulations, you are not the only one!
I have recongized that long time ago, and frankly speaking, would sell all my Tezos coins via ICO price as well.
I can even give 20% discount - but nobody wants it under current circumstances

So wait for another shit update from Artut, where he will say you some more shit about Gevers


Does anyone know if I am able to sell my tezzies premarket? and if so what is the best way to make sure that both (selling and buying) parties are covered? I am looking to find the best way to secure them for everyone involved in the transaction.


I don’t think you do. Crowdfunding price was something between $0.4-$0.5 / tezzie minimum even during the highest 20% bonus period. Nobody got that cheap.