Tezos restaurant...distributing tezos rightly among generations! A way forward?


Am not a big grammar guy, not born English or white but gets it right when a big point is made by a genius thinkers. @demo developed a pool here: Would you like Tezos to be distributed rightly among generations? This is thought provoking:

  1. Do we invest or earmark some % of our tezos holdings perpetually staked for future generations? The ico is closed, “investing or buying in for them cant be achieved now”. My original stake is owned by my generation!
  2. If its still possible to support the foundation for the sake of future generations, who can deploy PERSONAL resources to such venture? Is there any collection of a pool of wealth anywhere in the world stored and called: “FUTURE GENERATION WEALTH”?
  3. Who are the future generations? Answer: “your own interpretation of who they are, and may vary from who your friend interpret them to be”.
  4. How (if possible we reached a consensus by vote that #1 above be done), can the total staked be assigned equally and whats the exact time-relative definition of the phrase “future generation”? From what time line should they be defined: a). Those who were ignorant of the ico? b). 2017 yet to be born children? c). Starting from 2018? etc
  5. How can they be awakened and convinced to accept this distribution? What if they see NO value in what was staked for them? What if they wont accept it but seek to create their own values?


Universal Acceptability of Tezos
@demo raised up a question of the fear inherent in the future generation rising up to dump tezos possibly cos they were not part of it or sees no value in it or they were not giving a chance in partaking of its wealth, which of course was created when they were yet unborn!
This raised a serious concern for the community just as its same reason why more similar projects are or will be crafted up into future ICOs simply cos some highly technical persons feels they were left out on the wealth of tezos. A simple palliative will be to group and organize like-minds to throw up daring competitive projects, seek the public to fund it just to grab a part or all of the crypto market space, diluting the anticipated effects of the great tezos.

My Little Idea!

EOS is still crowd selling and i intended to support their fund raising but had a rethink. While its very advisable to diversify owing to inherent risks of staking ones whole eggs in one basket of a project still in the factory, my trust on tezos foundation had a better side of me. I then decided to start my own kind of meetups.

  1. Invest in tezos publicity in my area with the little funds i have (saved for EOS buy)
    The $1000 cannot go anywhere in using the conventional media outfits, will easily drain in one or two outing without achieving desired result. I sat with my friend, Kingsley, currently not here and wasn’t involved in the fund raising but got my idea of starting a RESTAURANT called “Tezos Restaurant”, if its accepted or permitted here to use that name.

  2. This restaurant will be launched when the tezos network is launched, this cos i must hype on what is real and not create so much awareness on what i believed on but which may not yet be reachable or verifiable.

  3. We proposed initially, on inception, 3 persons will be fed free daily in this restaurant and if more funds is available possibly will raise it up to 10 or may be 20 persons. Many people loves free food in my area and this is to create awareness of Tezos through the free food hype, which will naturally be generated by the community of free eaters and send wild signals across the elites and generality of the population.

  4. My intention is to cause by so doing i. more search clicks for tezos ii. more questions to be asked iii. more people collecting tezos site url to visit the site and more people look out for exchanges to buy tezos. I was amazed to hear of a man in my area having 85000btc in his wallet, i wanna indirectly cause such as him to invest half of his btc in tezos! iv. more companies to hear about it etc.

  5. Please do not think of me as being crazy, am just answering @demo’s question, in my next post i’d give you investment breakdown for this restaurant and how far my $1000 will go after which i will pack up and then beat my chest that i have DISTRIBUTED Tezos rightly among generations. Each of us can do so for the coin that we cherish so much, if you cant, then encourage us to go ahead.

Typo and grammar errors i will take that you understand for am not an English man


You may want to read

As long as tezos is supposed to be able to instantiate any crypto, maybe it can instantiate something like this also.

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Absolutely love your philosophy behind this and logic. I think you are thinking of some great long lasting ideas that will make Tezos a household name.



Yeah it is a great read. Once more i wanna say that you ignited a fire and i wanna let it continue burning in my area. Thanks

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Thats exactly what tezos must become: “HOUSEHOLD NAME”, thanks, we are encouraged!


This is an inspiring idea. There are roots for such ideas in economics. Its basically called “Gift Economy”. Tezos can be the first currency in the Gift economy, where all the vendor can accept Tezos, and the value can be gifted to few of them thus creating such mutual gift based barter system, powered by Tezos. As you see, this is a powerful idea, but it has pierce the mindsets first.


The Breitmans and the foundation has slowed us down a little, but they can never deter us from trusting them, if they like let them continue to fight. While they do, we will wait patiently to tell them that tezos cannot die. Its a burden laid upon their shoulders, which they cant transfer to an excuse until laughter is laid upon the lips of the community, which wish them well. Ours here is to relax and wait for the sure project, which is certain to launch, free eaters are to wait a little while, two months hunger cannot kill. Tezos ROCKS…!


We had this sort of discussion on Scuttlebot channel and came to the place where our Endorsers once costs covered would create an evergreen fund burn and give away to non Tezos holders.

Before that would happen we wanted everyone to have right to vote no delegation voting only.

I wish you @Mitezos were a part of that discussion and Tezos cared as I would add your restaurant to the distribution algorithm we were working on which was much fun.


@e_v thanks, it will be my greatest pleasure if you can provide a link, maybe we might like to join if this discussion is still on, cheers


Mr. @Mitezos as I do not know what system you are on I will advise using patchwork scuttlebutt application. I will contact @chainomatic and tell about your idea getting invite address to scuttlebutt pub. You can find installers at this location https://github.com/ssbc/patchwork/releases.


@e_v thanks, i’d try an installation though we have tried that previously from @Chainomatic site but aborted for failure to understand the system, hey, we are not all that tech-savvy haha. Nonetheless let me try again, would’ve preferred if the discussion is live on telegram


Scuttlebutt can be confusing because we have been trained by bad UI patchwork makes it easy I think.


Unfortunately, 64-bit windows is needed for the file to install when i tried installation of the patchwork, my OS is 32-bit , what will i do?


I cannot assist further @Mitezos on getting you on ssb, apologies.


Thanks, you’ve tried.

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Already start to talk like a “good old fellow” :wink:
Please do not be offended - my intention was not to offend you or anybody else - but don’t you see that Earth keeps on moving. We aren’t the first and, I hope, neither the last generation. Thanks God - progress is not dead, nothing is written in stone. If they find something new, something better - I won’t mind, actually - I’m glad to see that human ingenuity and creativity is not dead. At the end I got one question for you - how do you feel when somebody from older generation talk against Bitcoin or even against a whole idea of a blockchain?


I feel “PITY”, and walk away for though i speak to explain, the person might not grasp - why? “He is definitely angry with CHANGE!” Do not waste your breathe with those who are privileged to enjoy a corrupt STATUS QUO and who oppose its opposition just cos of selfish gain.