Tezos Relief Fund - Idea

A week ago I posted on reddit with an idea of combing Charity/Fundraising for Disaster Relief and Tezos.

This quickly turned into the idea of ‘Bake to Donate’
I have since worked on a name and what it could look like (https://tezosrelief.fund/)

I have very minimal Tezos knowledge (Especially Technically) so would need help in this regard.

There is quite a way to go, I don’t expect this to happen overnight, but my goal is to make this happen in some form even if it takes a long time.

Today I thought of swapping the typical fee structure of a baker - so the ‘Donator’ isn’t giving up their whole baking reward.

I am here for discussion, help and criticism. There is a lot to still be worked out and also a few challenges.