Tezos Mobile Wallets and General Apps

Hey all,

Was great to meet some of you last night at the meetup.

I am an Android developer interested in starting work on an open source project related to Tezos; either a mobile wallet or some other app that would be useful for the future of the community. Hoping to connect with other mobile developers on here to discuss approaches and agree upon a strategy for creating and maintaining these apps.

I work professionally w/ Android specific development but am open to considering React Native or other technologies if those are deemed better for this. It would certainly be nice to maintain a single repository.

Anyways want to start the discussion here. Did not see a thread yet created on this topic.


@elliottetzkorn great to meet you last night and thanks for starting the thread. This Tezos app wireframe was posted a couple of weeks ago. I believe this is attributable to @murbard but can’t confirm that. Either way, I am sure the wireframe creator is looking for technical talent to bring it to life. https://docs.google.com/document/d/15OYU4PVAG7cObGp7YajYtIb3atfnwTe0IC6zEnMfszo/edit?usp=sharing

Ah I see @Jonas, thanks for the reply. This is a very helpful document.

The more I think about it the more a single web app, optimized for mobile, makes a lot of sense. Large complicated websites like Github have pulled this off well (https://github.com/blog/1559-github-s-on-your-phone).

Don’t leave out GitLab -

@Jonas @murbard still excited about the prospects of getting involved, and have read through https://docs.google.com/document/d/15OYU4PVAG7cObGp7YajYtIb3atfnwTe0IC6zEnMfszo/edit?usp=sharing27 many times! Curious if there have been any developments here. Is this online wallet being created currently? Is there any need for programmers here?

Yes an online wallet being created currently.

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Do you have any involvement with it, or more knowledge about that?

Sure, it was written in electron.

Check this one out:
TezBox is a multi-platform Tezos Vault, streamlining payments and DAPP integration

i have a team with skills in electron, androd and iOS and would be happy to provide any service for a tezos wallet, but we are new to this initially we may require more understanding of the requirements and scope and we can assist in iterative development and testing.