Tezos Endorsed Wallet (Bitcoin Suisse)

Hi Guys , I have the email below from Bitcoin Suisse , in a nutshell they are saying that they do not want to release my Tezos as there is no official wallet as yet , do we have any updates on this - or are they just baking my Tezos and making us all wait

"Thank you very much for your email.

Multiple wallet implementations have already been released to the community, but we emphasize that running these - is at your own risk.

Bitcoin Suisse is awaiting official instructions from the Tezos Foundation in regard to wallet software.

Once the Tezos Foundation has officially endorsed a wallet that meets the Bitcoin Suisse’s security standards, and this wallet has been publicly released, you will receive further instructions on how to receive your XTZ.

Unfortunately, we cannot give you any date on when we will receive these instructions.
_ _
Although a Tezos Foundation endorsed GUI wallet has not been released as of now, you are naturally also welcome to receive your XTZ to an address/public key hash which you provide to us.

Bitcoin Suisse AG makes no representation or warranties, expressed or implied, and Bitcoin Suisse AG expressly disclaims any and all liability once the XTZ allocation has been transferred to the confirmed XTZ address/public key hash provided by you."

Two questions
Do you have the private key associated with your contribution to the Tezos launch?
They seem willing to send your XTZ to an address, so why not create one with TezBox and have them send the tezzies to that address?

Their message seems self-contradictory. “There is no official GUI wallet, but we’ll send your XTZ to another address.”

@picop2es, @wheat-dogg
I can confirm that if you have created a wallet/account, contact Bitcoin Suisse by email asking that you want your contribution to be sent to the pkh address of your new account. They’ll tell you what to do next.
I received my xtz from BC a while ago

Thanks Guys , I have set up the galleon wallet for now , I will contact them and receive my XTZ so i can get them baked :slight_smile:

If I understand it correctly - seems like they haven’t got a clue what a cryptocurrency “wallet” actually is. If you’re sure that the ICO public hash (address) is activated, you have corresponding private key (you have - seed words from PDF) and ICO password - you can give them public hash (address, key) and search on tzscan (if you don’t want to risk anything). If you are like me - you can use TezBox. It’s not officially endorsed, but I’d certainly wouldn’t sleep well not knowing that I’m able to access my tezzies :slight_smile:
Beside - you can delegate as soon as you can access them.

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