Tezos delegation and baking services - Decentralization


To increase the Tezos network’s degree of decentralization, consider delegating your XTZ to small- or medium scale delegation services with good performance.

Here’s a list of a few small services that have capacity for more delegations (early November 2018): https://medium.com/@delegationservices/tezos-delegation-services-1cc3d1fc49

Avoid delegating to large-scale bakers with very high staking balances – they already have enough power! How about supporting small bakers who do their job well too? It is a core interest of all of us to foster the network’s decentralization.

Over the course of the coming months, many more bakers will arise, and there will be plenty of delegation services to choose from. If you’re not baking yourself, consider spreading out your XTZ to several KT1 addresses, so that you can bake with more than just one baker. There are many great services that you can support. Grassroots! Real digital commonwealth.

Please feel free to post. Happy to hear about experiences with your baker of choice!

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