Tezos.Community Delegation Service Update - July 4, 2018


The team at Tezos.Community has been blown away by the community’s engagement in the baking and delegation process, and in its trust in Tezos.Community as a delegation service. We are humbled by the hundreds of people who have chosen to trust their baking to us. As of the completion of “Cycle 0”, over 6.3M XTZs have been delegated to Tezos.Community.

When we set up our delegation service, we expected to be competing with a wide range of service providers. We looked towards Tezzigator, Cryptodelegate, XTez.io, and Bakechain as excellent teams that had similar perspectives as ours. We did not intend to be among largest providers, we just wanted to provide a good service to the community and generate some delegation rewards to fund the activities we provide at Tezos.Community.

Due to the dynamics of the delegation process and the massive response to our service, we now find ourselves in an over-delegated state. This means that we do not currently have sufficient XTZ bond coverage for all of the baking and endorsement processes that will be assigned to us. Because of the planned ramp up of bond requirements, we will be positioned to fully bake a number of cycles, but will eventually become over-delegated as the network moves towards steady-state.

Successful delegation happens when supply and demand match. Delegators with too much demand have two levers they can move to regain a balance: Increase the number of XTZs they have for bond coverage, and increase the fees they charge. Under current conditions, we are planning to do both.

The Tezos.Community Delegation Pool - available for enrollment now

We are announcing the formation of a Delegation Pool for XTZ holders who want to join us in providing bond coverage, and sharing in the delegation rewards received for doing so. Our plan is to share the fees we collect as a delegation service with the pool participants 50% / 50%. We anticipate that Delegation Pool participants will earn between 10% -15% annual return. We plan to enforce this payout through a smart contact developed during the betanet timeframe, but the process will initially be managed centrally.

If you would like to be considered for the pool, please send us a note to info@tezos.community.

Increase in Delegation service fees beginning with Cycle 10

Because Tezos.Community will now be sharing rewards with the new delegation pool members, we will slightly decrease the rewards we provide to those who delegate to us. Beginning in cycle 10, Tezos.Community will adjust the payout it pays to an 85% / 15% split. This means that 85% of all fees we receive - baking, endorsing, and transactions - will be returned to those who delegate to Tezos.Community. For cycles 7-9, we will maintain our 90% / 10% split.

If you are no longer interested in delegating to Tezos.Community you can change your delegate assignment at any time in your KT1 wallet.

Enforce a First Come - First Served Rewards Model beginning with Cycle 10

Even with implementing the delegation pool and modestly increased fees, it is possible that Tezos.Community will become be over delegated somewhere between cycles 10-20. We’ve polled the community on how we should handle payouts in that scenario, and the consensus is that full payout should be made on a first-come first-served basis. This is consistent with how the other large delegation services (Cryptodelegate and XTez) are planning to handle over-delegation. We will provide a look-up feature for your KT1 address to determine if you will be qualified for payout during a given cycle.

Thank you for your support of Tezos.Community. We will update this document as more information becomes available. If you have any questions, you can connect with us on twitter @tezoscommunity or drop us a note at info@tezos.community.

FAQs about Delegating to Tezos.Community

Hi Jonas, thanks for the update and great work that you are doing for Tezos.
Question, is the new charged fee of 15% also for the people that are delegating to tezos community from cycle 0? Or are the are still going to pay 10%?


Thanks, Jonas. I’ve emailed for Delegation Pool consideration, nice opportunity for those who don’t want the tech headaches.


The 15% fee will apply to everyone starting in cycle 10. Sorry we had to do that - but we are in the discovery phase for how to run delegation successfully :slight_smile:


How do we withdraw back to our own wallets and what are the restrictions?

Ta Jonas


Hi Bob - send us an email to info@tezos.community and we will share the plan documents with you.


Hi Man hope we’d not be disappointed having delegated to you. Do whatever is possible to rump-up rolls, people trust you. Thanks


Greetings,. Jonas. Some days ago I sent you an email detailing I would like to join my funds to the pool, but so far I have received no answer. Will you feedback any decision on participation? Thank you.


Hi Jonas, Will the option to delegate the usual way (as it is now) continue to operate when the delegation pool starts? As I understand it the delegation pool will offer a higher reward than the current method of delegating to Tezos Community.


Hi All,

We are getting some great participants in our bond fund and hope to have an announcement about our bond status in the next few days. Stay tuned!


Thank you for the opportunity, Jonas. Nice to see others adding in, not settling for last in line. Folks, at least email Jonas and get the bond pool specifics before the window closes.


Hi Jonás. I emailed you last week for pool consideration but received no feedback from you. Does this mean I have been discarded or just that It is soon to start off?


Hi Jonas
can you confirm that your delegation service is not over delegated and i can delegate you ?


It looks like the fees jumped to 35% starting with cycle 49. Or the data for cycle 49 at: https://www.tezos.community/my-delegate?address=… is off somehow.
Up to cycle 48 it was as stated above: fees 15%.



Any problems on the baking side? I see now that the list for my address shows that it does not have any more delegated XTZ. Is it just a glitch?


Hi there bjh. Thanks for pointing out the issue with Cycle 49. There is a bug in our dashboard reporting system for that cycle and we’ve opened a ticket with the devs. No problems on the baking side. Just a reporting glitch.


Thanks for the update!


Hi Jonas,
It looks like there’s a similar issue with cycle 54.


Cycle 54 still with the same issue, cycle 55 not showing at all.
Is this related to the necessary upgrade that needs to happen before block 204762?

There’s also an error in the dashboard: “Server Error” with no other details - status (staked and delegated) is not reported as well).

Also: cycle 44: in the dashboard the rewards are marked as transferred, but the account did not receive them (last transfer shown in the account is from Nov. 23 - for cycle 43).