Tezos.Community Delegation Service Update - July 16


As of today, the Tezos.Community Delegation Service has reached two significant milestones. The service now has 1M XTZ available for bond coverage, and has accumulated over 10.6M XTZ staking balance. Both levels are at the target that we identified for Betanet, and so both the Bond Pool and Delegation are full at this time.

We cannot guarantee Rewards payments beyond the 10.6M staking mark, though we will fully pay out all rewards we can above that level. We intend to keep our bond level at 1M through cycle 20 at which point we will make further announcements.

Tezos.Community is part of a vibrant and growing ecosystem of bakers, developers, delegators, and enthusiasts. We are excited to see the network operated by 100s of bakers beginning in Cycle 7 and encourage everyone with the technical ability to set up a Tezos node and join the baker revolution!

If you are currently delegating to Tezos.Community and have questions about your rewards status, you can look up your forecast rewards from your Delegation Dashboard.

If you have further questions, drop us a note to support@tezos.community.