Tezos Community delegation for tezbox and ledger swap


I have been delegating to tezos community from tezbox , but now after update of tezbox and ledger linking ,
I want to move my funs to ledger due to which I will not be able to delegate to tezos community , as they are over delegated , but i want to keep delegating to them .

So tezos community needs to find a solution to this for there existing delegators .


The only solution is for Tezos Community to acquire more bond money. That could be difficult for them to do. The other “solution” is to simply stop paying rewards to those who have caused the over-delegation to occur. That should force those people to move their delegation elsewhere since they want rewards.


We’ve created a process to allow currently delegated KT1 wallets to be moved to a new hardware KT1 and retain their delegation rights. See the post here: https://www.tezos.community/guides/2018/10/16/how-to-moving-your-delegation-to-a-ledger-or-trezor