Tezos Commons Foundation & latest developments


Hi All,

After the - emotionally charged - resolution of the “Gevers-Situation” I have been tezos-offline for a while and I was wondering how things have developed in your/the community’s view?

Besides the T2-foundation founded at the beginning of this year (back then Gevers was still in power and this was a competing foundation to bypass him), there is now a new foundation, the so-called Tezos Commons Foundation (as I understand, the founder of this web forum, Jonas, is sitting on its board), TCF. I look at the tasks and aims of TCF and I think this is really great and should have been done for months. The only thing that I don’t understand: Shouldn’t these tasks be done by the original foundation given that all is fine now as Gevers has left and there is now a capable board in place that is respected and appreciated by the Tezos community?

Also, please correct me if I am wrong, Gevers has left in Feb this year, hence now activity should pick up. Is this the case? I see a new foundation taking the lead, TCF, but is the original foundation also stepping on the gas? Again, I do not have the full overview and there might be a lot of developments in the shadow/on the technical side, just publicly I don’t see much. It’s not that I expect hundreds of partnerships in a week as the reorganization certainly also takes time, but for instance, communication-wise (remember the monthly updates of August and September last year: http://www.tezos.ch/) wouldn’t it be possible to be a little bit more transparent and at least give some monthly overview of activities?

Don’t misunderstand me: the least I want is a soon go-live of XTZ, it can happen in 2020 if it’s up to me, but there are preliminary tasks to be done and it is my feeling that not much has changed since the departure of Gevers, except some breakaway groups now doing their own thing.

It would be nice to get some views…

Long live Tezos.


Tezos is getting ready for launch https://tezosfoundation.ch/category/news/


Thanks. Hence going forward the updates will be published under tezosfoundation.ch, not tezos.ch, got that. I used to get those updates by email, but this seems to have changed too. Regarding the “upcoming” launch: well, this I knew already from the “going rogue” statement of Kathleen in February; but at least there is some official communication from the foundation now. Let’s hope for additional activity… long live Tezos.


Hello! I’ve been working on TCF oriented activities recently and am happy to answer your question about coverage of responsibilities. Over the next few months, you will see TCF announce funding for a number of community oriented activities like meetups, hackathons, education programs, and we will also be able to fund dev projects. Funding for TCF sponsored initiatives is coming from across the ecosystem, including from TF and from individuals and organizations that want to promote the ecosystem.

If we do it right, TCF will carry the voice of the community forward long after TF has served it’s purpose.


Thanks. Again: I think the activities of TCF are great, but I also thought, that those activities should actually be done by the orginal foundation, especially in light of the new board. Plus I wasn’t aware that the original Tezos Foundation - the one we all donated to - might be dissolved (“has served its purpose”) at some point. Foundations are often/ideally structured for eternity, as Tezos should be.

I guess there will be many Tezos “side-organizations” founded in the coming months and years, hopefully across the globe, I just thought they would rather do things like meetups, community building, maybe some marketing/conferences, less the very core-activties like development projects. But anyway, any constructive activity is good activity; we need this more than ever.

Thanks! Long live Tezos.