Tezos Brainstorm Foundry Genesis



This is great! More efforts like this is needed in this community. I have been a silent investor who is really considering signing up on the lawsuit bandwagon (I really don’t want to do that) but when I check for updates on Google I see a bunch of dirty laundry all over the place and nobody has had the decency to accomplish a task as simple as redirecting tezos.com to a decent looking regularly updated website or better yet - migrate the millions of microsites into a fresh redesign of Tezos.com - I am pretty sure enough funds would cover such efforts. Heck my investment alone would cover these efforts.

Seriously I had to really dig to find this.

The google branded search results are truly embarrassing.

But meanwhile you have active professional channels like this forum, the trello board and the twitter community “TezosCommunity” . Consider using sameas schema and interlinking between social properties so that you can start bringing some positive information to the search engines. Pretty sure the foundation should have enough funds to cover an marketing expert to handle Public relations and repost updates to the communities across networks.

I am not even asking for a launch date here. Just clean up this mess so this investment is not such an embarrassment.


How does one become a member?


Follow the link, create an account and contribute your ideas.


I already have a Trello account.
I opened the board, but I assume becoming a member is by invitation?


I don’t think so. I haven’t had any time to post any ideas myself yet.


Join us on RIot: https://riot.im/app/#/room/#tezosfoundry:matrix.org

It works by invitation. We can post your ideas or send us your trello login and we’ll invite you to join the board.