Tezos.blue - a light wallet


Uuhh. Sorry to hear that. Minimum API level is 16 (Android 4.1).
According to Google, tezos.blue is supported on 13944 devices, and not supported on 2266.
What is your model?


It is quadcore a33
Android 4.4.2
Tezosblue is installed but the screen crashes


I could not detect an assignable trace in our crash reports.
If you are willing to assist, please contact me via hello@tezos.blue (Andreas Hassmann)
I’d like to find out what’s happening with your installation, possibly others are affected, too.


Well it is not actually a crash.
The program starts, but it shows nothing, it remains stalled in a blue screen and then passes to the background where it remains it this condition.
Is a display resolution problem?