Tezos.blue - a light wallet


I have just released an early alpha of the wallet I have been working on.
Android version.

It’s dirty, but fairly stable.
There is currently an issue with origination in the alphanet that renders accounts invalid (“fill a new account”)

You find it in the Google store by searching for




Thanks! Looking forward to trying it out.


No Tezos.blue in the Google Play Store. Lots of Texas Holdem though :confused:


Oh yes. It’s there.
But 20 min after my announcement the alphanet went down and has not come back yet.
So, unfortunately, nothing can be done with the wallet, currently…

Patience is a virtue and luck is a bitch.


the alphanet is up again. cheers to the devs!


Thanks for the link. I’ve got it installed now :grin:


Quick update on tezos.blue: No new features, same shitty look, but the Windows build has passed certification and is available in the App Store. I launched a small website with the links.


Congrats and thanks!


I am pleased to announce version 0.2 of the tezos.blue system and its wallet.

With this version, Apple iOS is supported, making the targeted platforms complete.
The iOS app is currently in Apple’s TestFlight beta program.
Send an empty mail with subject “TestFlight” to hello@tezos.blue and you will be invited.

The goal of 0.2 was to lay a solid foundation for the real-time notifications and
transaction history.

0.3 will be exclusively about the security of your identity.

To advance this intent, I have made the client engine open source.

Developers can use this engine on all platforms to write .NET client and line-of-business applications.
During the development of 0.3, code reviews and input are very welcome.

Enjoy, and please give feedback!


Published the basic security concept of tezos.blue client applications for public review.
Please help find competent people to give their opinion on this:


Released version 0.2.2 of the wallet to Android, iOS and Windows.

New features: Multiple identities, with PIN or passphrase protection.
Also, for the node shepherds, import of raw keys.
From now on: secured identities only.


Released version 0.2.3 of the wallet to Android, iOS and Windows:

  • Fundraiser key import
  • Brain wallets

Please be aware that the alphanet has no fundraiser balances yet.