Tezos baking application on Ledger Nano X

Hello everybody,

According to https://medium.com/kiln/how-to-install-kiln-and-bake-on-ubuntu-a13d17df63c, one needs to install Tezos baking application on your ledger to begin baking. I have strictly followed the instructions, but this application could not be found using my ledger X, plugged under USB.

Is baking strictly reserved to Ledger S ? How can i bake with my ledger X.

Do I really need to have al connected ledger to bake ? or can I bake without a ledger ?

Thanks for insights.

Hello @tofm2, I just sent you a private message, feel free to respond and ask questions regarding your issue

You can bake with out using a hardware ledger but its not recommended for security reasons. Here is the guide I used for the Nano S. But setup should be very similar using the Ledger Live Application to install the Tezos Baking application. https://www.tezos.org.sg/the-berry-good-guide-to-setting-up-tezos-node-baker-using-raspberry-pi-ubuntu/