Tezos Agora - Tezos early supporters group

Here’s a thread for all things related to Tezos Agora experiment. To my understanding Tezos Agora is mainly a group for validated early supporters of Tezos. Where are we at the moment with this experiment?

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Hi Farmer_John,
As your post is the only mention I have found of ‘Tezos Agora’, do you mind explaining what you know of it?

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I’m trying to find out more now. Is this current?

The Tezos Agora site is a Discord chat site that has access controlled by proof of a public key. The site is run by several community members who were early participants in the original Slack channel. The conversation so far is sparse, but the members there are planning big things. If you have public key from the fundraiser, you can join here: www.tezosagora.com

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Thank you Jonas, i will validate my key as it sounds interesting.

trying that link it is no good… trust level lowering