Tezbox wallet blunder


Hi there people, I have a Tezboz deposit issue that I need help with. I will try to explain as simply as I can, but I’m new to most of this, so please bear with me. Last night I withdrew some XTZ from Bitfinnex to my Tezbox wallet on my Samsung. The transaction on Bitfinnex is showing as ‘completed’ with my destination wallet address showing, and transaction ID as well. But the XTZ has not shown up on my Tezbox wallet. It’s now been almost 24 hours. The error message I get on my from the Tezbox App is “Whoops we can’t retrieve the balance of this account - either it has been removed by the alphanet, or we’re having node issues. Sorry for the inconvienience” So during the day today I was fishing around the Reddit forums on my phone. Fairly hard to do this on a phone and was continually blocked as I’m a new user on Reddit as well. So I wasn’t able to get much info but what I did get from someone was this. Firstly he said you shouldn’t use he Alphanet. Then he said “I think you are using the testnet. If you have the seed words you can import it on any wallet that are using the mainnet.” So…it appears to me, my Tezbox wallet I downloaded from Google Play is not the correct one ? Can anyone help me in the right direction. I believe I do have the seed words in my Texbox wallet App. As I said before Im new to this so terms like Alphanet, testnet and mainnet are all a bit confusing. So if you can help me, you will need to go easy on me please. Thanks Snige.


Try using your seed words with a different wallet. I thought I had lost all of my Tezos until I tried tezos.blue
Good Luck!

You could also try tezbox with your seed words on another device (I use a PC) , just be sure you are on mainnet.

(I am no expert)


Thanks for the reply. So I sorted everything out via some help from Reddit. Short answer was all I needed to do was to download a new wallet, but this time not via Google Play but via the Mainet. Then input my private key from the old Google Play Wallet. And hey presto my 250 XTZ was right in front of me. VERY happy. Have since transferred all my remaining Tezos in the new wallet. Hope this post will help other in the same situation.