Tezbox: Uh-oh! There was an error adding account


Using the windows application I have opened an account at tezbox showing 0.00tz; TzScan shows my balance correctly and: Originated False - Spendable true - Delegatable false.

When I am logged in to Tezbox and try to add Account this message is displayed:

" Uh-oh! There was an error adding account. Please ensure your main account has funds available " and I can go no further.


I have a friend who had almost exactly the same experience.He was able to sort it out finally,however I am not sure how.
If you can provide me with your contact details,I’m sure he would be happy to help you.


Thanks @Glimmertwin, the problem is resolved. I binned the windows software and started again. It now works and I have opened a few delegation accounts.
Keep the ovens warm.



since you binned the windows software, what did you use eventually as i am experiencing the same problem



Hi @eduviehenry, I kept going with the TezBox wallet and re-installed. It now works fine and my fortune is made, $0.00003 at a time. Good luck with our slow-food.