Tezbox troubles

Im trying to mmigrate my xtz from tezbox to galleon. though I can’t click on “options” to start the process beacuse It says: this account has not been added to the blockchain yet - please wait for a baker to include this in a block before you can use this account. This error may also show if your device can’t connect to the Tezos Network.
and Also

Level N/A
Not Connected

It look tezbox is revamped this might be the problem

please advise

Hello, Apologies for the issues your having. You need to migrate to the galleon wallet to be able to access your funds.
All you need to do is to import your fundraiser PDF doc (if you participated) OR Restore your wallet using your private key (most preferred and advisable) or 12 word backup phrase on the galleon web wallet on www.galleon.network

You’ll have access to your funds upon a successful restoration.

You can do that and give me a feedback

worked in another way.
for all other having this error

" Error
Level N/A
Not Connected

I changed to another node and the XTZ finally appeared. sent it to my private wallet.
the node I changed to was:


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