Tezbox, tezzies gone! (the xtz I won with the community logo contest)


Hey guys!
I’m sure glad I never even considered activating and then sending my xtz to tezbox.
After receiving from Jonas the XTZ I won for the community logo contest, I never used tezbox again.
Til just now, after finding out my DLT (Agrello) had been stolen from Myetherwallet 107 days ago (when something came out about accounts being hacked on that exchange).

All I get from the Tezbox app is a "sorry for the inconvience, after letting me know, my account is EMPTY!


Sorry - mistakenly deleted replies to this post from @611ninja and @otas32

From otas32:
Anyway, to follow up on this.
What doesn’t work (yet) is the mobile (android) version of tezbox. My tezzies are safe, according to the desktop version.

I have also tried out one of the wallet apps the Foundation recommended to me, and it works great: Galleon.
They’re doing a great job. Anyone here from their team? Who’s behind it, anyone know?


The team behind Galleon is called Cryptonomic. They were funded by the Tezos Foundation to deliver that wallet and an opensource version for others to build on.

Tezbox is a community project from Stephen Andrews. He has recently received funds from the Tezos Foundation as well and will be making improvements and releasing new features.