Tezbox hacked!?


I’m using Tezbox testing my services in WWW.VNCEX.COM, 4 days ago
I deposited 9,5 XTZ to Public Address: tz1YHyoW6zQDL7Q8d4aUNX49iJSPN6EFne4n

  • Created KT1: KT1M6ZgsK19o6uv2F51aoRbTm8UoGKmYNPoB
  • Created KT1: KT1TCGuD6xbf5dJp1j9dpQfWHjxTpe9G8EzS
    ==> Delegate Testing
    Now it’s has been hacked:
  • Public Address has been changed to BRAND NEW ADDRESS: tz1RgaKzY99XHgUp6kZx46QNAjgZmrz4Jy2c
  • Can not import KT1 Account.
  • Balance: 0,00$

New account is normal!

Did we get lose? how can we contact Tezbox?
Does anyone the same case ?


You’re restoring the wrong account man, either you’re using the wrong option or you are entering details in wrong.


i’m not amateur,
This person like me: TezBox account gone

Old Seek Word refer to New Public Address.

Please check!


Chrome explorer ==> ok
Chrome apps ==> it’s error

if wrong Pass phrase you will see the message “Your seed words are not valid - please check to ensure you are not missing a word/letter, and you haven’t included an extra space/line break”



if you have another tz1 address after login, then you are using some other login credentials…