Tezbox change lost all access

(I have) 1000 Tezos which I’ve held since the beginning. I used to check their progress regularly. When they changed the Tezbox I lost all access. I have a list of words, not recognised. My old log in, not recognised. I have let them sit, I have their address, but that is not sufficient. Admittedly I had let the computer save all my passwords giving me the lazy complex. Please help or tell me to write them off as a crypto failure

passwords are the issue. I didn’t buy them through the ICO but through Kraken. I could ask the “baker” but then that would give them away. I can see them on Tez scan, so I have their address. Thanks for considering it, I am inclined to think it is money lost, but now I think the whole project is as fraudulent as can be which is a shame