TezBox broken? Tezzies gone?


About a month ago I set up a TezBox wallet, and made a delegation to a baker. I have been checking on regular basis and not seeing any problem, including Monday.

The 7th cycle for getting rewards from baking was supposed to be this week. Tonight I went to wallet, and there are NO tezzies. Shows this message:

This account has not been added to the blockchain yet - please wait for a baker to include this in a block before you can use this account.

Any ideas what may be going on? Any ideas? Did i get ripped off?


I feel your pain. Wish I was savvy and could assist.
I have been watching now for three days to see if anyone would reach out to you…no one from DLS, not Tezos Foundation, not Tezos.Community, not Steven Andrews, not even someone within the little ‘c’ community. So sad.
Try asking on Reddit. @Breitwoman is there from time to time…but usually just to bash Gevens.
Good luck mate.


Hi there! have you checked if you KT1 shows as delegated and baking?you must delegate atleast 7 cycles before baking for your delegation starts so its possible its not been 7 cycles yet? You could hsare your kT1 with the delegation service and have them confirm if theyve received the delegation? Good luck and keep us posted.


The good news:

Looks like Tezos are still there. I checked Tezbox a few days later and my Tezos showed up like before. Not sure what happened. But seems like the day I posted my original note the Tezbox wallet was somehow not “connecting” to the database.

The not-so-good news:

Still no rewards from baking :frowning:

I did the delegation in cycle 27. It is now cycle 36. So, more than 7 cycles have gone by and no rewards. I delegated equal amounts to Cryptium Labs and Tezos Community. I did this as a test to see which was better. So far no results from either.