TezBox account gone

Good Day, Tezos Community!
I faced issue.
I restored my wallet on TezBox yesterday (enter my data from PDF file), created KT1 account, sent tezzies to it, yesterday. Then I chose and selected delegation service (Tezos.Community).
I visited my online wallet by enter password today moorning.
But now I cannt connected to my wallet TezBox propose me create or restore tezbox.
I tried restored in order to enter seed phrase and it restore noy my wallet with other public address.

I contact to TezBox team and continue research to solve this issue.
If somebody know how to help me I’ll be grateful.

Did you use the same tezbox both times?

If you create a new tezbox wallet you have to import your KT1 address.

Yes, I am. Now problem with access solved. I tried restore once.
Thanks you for feedback!

Thanks you alot! This information was usefull!

I’m having the issue right now, please how did you resolve yours?

I restored my wallet by means fundraiser wallet restore option (enter my email, password, public key, activation code is optional). Then I import my KT1 account.
This link was usefull: