Switching from BakeChain (Windows) to Kiln (Ubuntu)


Hi there,

I’m a baker and am have been using BakeChain on Windows since the beginning. I’m now wanting to migrate to Kiln on Ubuntu, mainly for the ability to cast my vote on proposals, since this is not possible within BakeChain.

Is there a way in which I can make this switch and not have to migrate baker addresses? (and therefore have to wait 7 cycles again on the new address before my delegators start accumulating rewards)

What’s the most seamless way of performing this migration?

Thanks in advance…


Hey there, not here with an answer to your question, but a question of my own. Hope that’s cool.

What are the hardware requirements to bake with Kiln? I am looking to start Baking myself and have not really found a comprehensive, easy to understand way to assess if I am even capable of doing so. Any thoughts?


I don’t have those details, just https://medium.com/@obsidian.systems/how-to-install-kiln-and-bake-on-ubuntu-a13d17df63c