Submit your Questions! Arthur Breitman Q&A - Wednesday Meetup


Hello Fellow Tezos fans!

I am gathering questions for the Q&A portion of Arthur’s Wednesday, August 30th, speech in Menlo Park. We will try to alternate between in person and online questions.

If you would like to stay anonymous, you can email me privately at with your questions. Otherwise, we will likely announce your screen name when we read the questions.

If Kathleen, Jill, Ross, Milo, or anyone else from Tezos is in attendance and you wish to ask them specific questions, we can try to accommodate that as well.

Please respond to this thread with your questions or email me privately.

Kind Regards,


Hello Mike,

Question 1: Recommendations on how to make Tezos wallet addresses more user friendly?

Anecdotally, many of the individuals I have spoken with about blockchain tech acknowledge the potential but are reluctant to get involved. Often due to difficulty of wallet send/receive addresses.

Question 2: Update on progress of platform development, what still needs to be completed?

Thank you




Hi Mike,

1.) Given the highly successful ICO, where do we stand regarding the “mars-shot” developments (e.g. sponsoring a leading computer science department or running a development school)?

2.) As a foundation you need to ensure a solid financial base for years, even decades. You mentioned investing part of the ICO proceeds in stocks and bonds. These asset classes have record valuations and an investment now is highly problematic, what’s your view on this?

Best Philipp


My first question,

Will tezos platform be supporting in Lightning Network development for Virtually instant conversions between currencies across different blockchains in the future?

Second Question,

What can the tezos stakeholder do for marketing of tezos so that we will be leading smart contract platform?

Third Question,

What kind of business model can be established on the top of tezos platform?

Fourth Question,
For the financial perspective,
How many years at least do you advise to hold tezos token for the stakeholder of big financial return?


Question: Do you see or dream that there will be physical locations on all continents where Tezos nomads can gather from all over the world and where services can be bought with tezzies?


What things are we doing to earn the long-term loyalty of developers? Are there incentives in place to reduce developer churn?

With emphasis towards having contract logic on chain where practical, over time, it seems we risk loss of conceptual integrity (wiki) and creating complexity with blockchain bloat. Will we plan ahead so that embedded (if I’m using the right term) contracts can be gracefully deprecated and pruned?


Has the final number of tezzies per roll been decided yet?



When will an official wiki be established? This will go a long ways towards outreach, and also will help us existing fans ourselves. Thanks, I’ll just hang up and listen…


What are some features that other projects are working on in the crypto space that you feel show promise… Moreso, in a complimentory way?(Too much of we do this better than this other guy in this space).

Is having regulation in the space good in some respects? What tradeoffs could you foresee in the space as a whole for gaining mass adoption?

Should adoption of POS or DPOS gain dominance, what dynamics could potentially be in play in regards to large mining companies such as bitmain seeing slow or even reverse growth in their profits with Proof of Work?

What are 3 of the main priorities for Tezos in the next 1-2 years after launch?


Could someone deposit a million Tezzies in a Raspberry Pi?


In a manner of speaking, yes. The private keys that control those million XTZ can be loaded on to a Pi and it can bake blocks using those million XTZ.

The subject you bring up is one of the key differences between PoS and PoW. With PoS, the private keys of the XTZ is directly equivalent to the hashing power of a user.


Questions for the talk:

  1. What are the suggested best practices for 3rd party wallets? Running a node on a mobile device / PC / browser seems impractical (or impossible). What is the suggested protocol for handling private keys – i.e., managing account-related functions in a remote client? I’m not asking about best practices for generating private keys, mnemonics, etc – I mean how should transfers et al be handled when a private key needs to be kept separate from a node for security reasons.

  2. How do you envision 3rd party wallets or other services enabling TEZ holders – possibly with amounts below the staking threshold and / or unable to manage a node themselves – to participate in the PoS protocol and benefit from it? Should TEZ be pooled (similar to mining pools)?

  3. Following form #2 – my understanding is that bonds act as both a disincentive against nodes acting maliciously and as the mechanism by which staking is rewarded (from bond interest). Assuming that’s correct, and you are envisioning TEZ pools contributing to PoS, do you think individual TEZ holder should be responsible for bonds or that nodes should be?

  4. There seems to be confusion about the differences between an account and an identity. They both accept transfers / hold balances so they appear to be functionally the same. Can you elaborate what the intended role of each is?